Two Times the Fun

Hi everyone! I just found a new position with an amazing family with 2 month old twins. I'm very excited, but I'm wondering what activities I can do with them besides tummy time and going on walks. Thanks!


Manhattan Nanny said...

You can do a lot on the floor with them beyond tummy time. Physical stimulation, bicycling legs, moving arms around, patterning.
Singing, talking, Provide a variety of visual stimulation. Set things up around the blanket for them to look at, open books, toys. Draw some very large simple faces (smiles) and put them up where they can see them. In a few weeks their vision will be more developed and they will see and do so much more.
Put on music and dance with them.
I find a change of scene is good for keeping them stimulated. If you can do blanket time outside on grass it is a whole different experience, and if you can go to a park or playground where there are kids, they love watching them!

NannyPants said...

Agree with the above poster. When my charge was 2 months old, I took him for lots of walks and brought him outside where we could lay out a big blanket and just watch our surroundings for a little while and hear different sounds than we would inside of the house. I used to play music and dance with him and he is now 1 year old and LOVES TO DANCE!! :)

Bethany said...

Twins are the best!

Tumy & floor time is a great time to do massage, gently practice rolling to side, leg bicycles, knees to tummy, arm movements.

Sing to them and read to them.

Talk to then as your doing different activities.

it's not to early to start naming objects and activities.
Show them pictures. If you are allowed take them outside if it's not too hot in you area.

Allow them to stare and take in your face and the world around them.

Don't know if you've cared for twins before, but it's a ton of fun , but also a ton of work. Don't try to plan too much, and realize that they maybe on completely opposite schedules for a bit. Take lots of deep breaths.

Rocknrollnanny said...

I read a lot of board books to my twin charges right from the start (3months old). I wasn't allowed to drive them anywhere at first, but I brought in books from the library every week. Lots of singing and just talking about everything I was doing with them. Walks and playing on a blanket in the yard