The Neighborhood Library at Lone Tree in Lone Tree, Colorado

At The Neighborhood Library at Lone Tree in Lone Tree, Colorado - Wednesday June 20th around 3:00 p.m.

Nanny: Young black woman in her early 20s, slim, with a short bobbed haircut. She was wearing black pants, a cream sweater, and a colorful blouse.
Two little girls: Morgan (about six), wearing a colorful floral sundress with short blonde hair with a bow; and Devin (about four), wearing a purple shirt and black pants with longer blonde hair in a ponytail. This nanny was AMAZING. She was lying on the floor of the children's section surrounded by books and reading animatedly to the two girls, who were paying rapt attention. The nanny engaged the girls by asking them what they thought would happen next in the story, if they felt bad for the main character, and what they thought was interesting about the pictures. Once she finished one book, she immediately asked them which one they'd like her to read next. The girls were very well-behaved and quiet the entire time.

At about 3:00, the nanny's phone buzzed and she said "Just a moment, your mother is calling." She answered the phone in a whisper and spoke to the mother about what they had been doing that day and what their plans looked like for the rest of the day. Once she finished the phone call, she politely asked Devin to use her "library-voice" when talking to Morgan, then continued reading. I was blown away by how polite the nanny was to her charges and the people around her (at one point she asked a woman if she was reading too loudly). The girls obviously adore her and she clearly has a good relationship with her MB, judging by the comfortable tone she adopted when speaking to her on the phone. And honestly, how many people still value the importance of being quiet in a library? Not many, but this nanny does! This sighting really brightened my day.


Bethany said...

I hope her family appreciates they have one of the good ones.

SLNanny said...

I love seeing good nany sightings!

Just My Two Cents Just Now said...

This is a perfect example of a perfect nanny.

Stories like this brighten up my day!

♥ ♥

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Denvernanny said...

I have been in that very library studying, and been driven out by a guy having a LOUD conversation on his cell. I really appreciate anyone who remembers that going to the library means, "Shhhhhhhh!"