Fair Wage for Rhode Island

I have a question for nannies near Providence, RI. What would you consider a fair weekly or hourly wage to care for 3 kids six hours a week. The job is to make them dinner, get them ready for bed, and entertain them until I or my husband return. I've used the calculator on care sites, but I want to make sure I am offering a fair wage. The kids are 4 & 6. Also, the person would be working no more than two hours at a time. We are asking for a long term commitment and would like someone with experience.


UmassSlytherin said...

It completely depends on what part of "Rhode Island" you are in. lol Are you a professional who lives on the East Side, Barrington, or Lincoln? Or are you a low income parent who lives in the city, or Johnston, or Pawtucket? That makes a big difference.

I would say you need to pay between 10 and 15 an hour. That is on the low end for a sitter who is experienced and reliable.

Kelly said...

We actually live on the Seekonk/Barrington line.

My husband and I are both professionals.

We know we aren't offering a lot of hours, but we would like to entice someone to stay with is for awhile.

You really think someone would do it for $60-$90 a week?

Manhattan Nanny said...

If you want someone to take a regular job for only two hours at a time you will probably have to pay more than the going rate to make it worth while. Many sitters have a four hour minimum, They may feel it isn't worth it when you factor in travel time and expense for just two hours.

NYNanny said...

You usually have to offer a higher hourly rate when you are wanting so few hours. I would say at least $20/hour for your position to make it worth while, especially since you want someone to stay long term.

MA RI said...

I'm a nanny on the East Side... It sounds like you're looking for someone around 3 days/week, 2 hours/day? I'd say $100/week would be fair for this arrangement.

The Noble Nanny said...

I agree that you need to offer a higher rate. Instead of thinking of it as hourly, I would give a block price (maybe $125 week) I know that may sound high, but if your nanny is coming at prime hours of the evening that may limit her ability to find another job to supplement her income. Or you could offer a high hourly (20-22hr) plus a gas allowance to help make it worth her while.

Either way, it sounds like you're a great mom that will care for your nanny as she cares for your kids, which is great!

Rebecca said...

I agree with what some of the other posters have said - in order to keep a sitter long-term with so few hours, you will have to pay a higher rate. When I take a job with so few hours it either has to pay really well, or it has to be incredibly convenient (meaning it fits perfectly between my other jobs). Also, for what it's worth, I've generally found the calculators on care sites to be low. I've always charged more than what they suggest and never had trouble finding jobs.

Aries said...

It depends how far of a drive it is for whomever is coming to your home. How experienced she is an what her normal rate is. (A 'Career Nanny' whos use to 20/hr wont take $12/hr 6 hours a week.)

Also she is doing alot in the 2 hours shes there (cooking, entertaining, putting 3 kids to bed, etc.)

I'd say if you would normally pay $12/hr then give her $100 for the week to make it worth it. I no i'd do it as a little 6 hour week side job. You can tell her the extra $30 a week is for gas for coming out of her way for so little hours.