1) 2 Nanny Positions Available (Upper East Side) - Please read job description to make sure you meet all requirements before applying. We are looking for two loving, energetic and EXPERIENCED live in nannies to work with our family. We have six children, including twin two year old boys and an infant, so this is a high energy household! Listed below is a general idea of the description during the school year, the kids are in camp during the summer so responsibilities change. Every day is different, you must be FLEXIBLE. Position 1: Monday- Friday Position 2: Friday night- Monday early morning. Here are some of the responsibilities. Attend to children in the morning when they wake up, making sure they are dressed and ready for school. Make sure they have breakfast. The infant will be the only child at home during the day during the week, so make sure he is fed, bathed, taken out for walks and played with, help him learn new skills. There is light housework, mainly preparing food, cleaning up after the kids and organizing the toys. Help the older kids with homework, interact and play games with them. Getting everyone ready for bed. Generally your day is done when the kids are asleep. Nanny must be a non smoker, have a clean background screen and strong references. English Speaking a must. Experience with a Kosher household preferred. We are an extremely busy household and require a RESPONSIBLE, PUNCTUAL, DEDICATED team player. You will be able to perform all duties required without being reminded. You will be capable of multi tasking, have the energy and stamina necessary to work within our household. Live in for days you work. You will need to sleep in the children's rooms. Please respond with salary requirements.
Submitted by Rebecca. Thank you!

2) Nanny Needed (Chicago) - Looking for a nanny to come to my home and watch my daughter starting mid-August until June from 6:45 am until 4:30 pm Monday-Friday. She will be 5 months old by then. I need someone who is reliable (ON TIME) and has experience with infants and is motivated to do activities with her. -Please provide references, experience. -Must be willing to care for a sick infant. -Can drive to doctor or park. -light house keeping. -Ability to speak urdu is a plus but not a must. -$150-170/week.
Submitted by MissDee. Thank you!


UmassSlytherin said...

These are both cray-cray.

to number one: sleep in the children's rooms? even Alice from the Brady Bunch had her own room, loser!

Bethany said...

Number one can't even offer the nanny their own room? Wow!

It also might be worth it to hire two people per shift.

Number 2 is just your standard champagne tastes on a beer budget.

erica said...

Seriously, having the nanny sleep in the kids room? Isn't that illegal?

luckoftheirish said...

1.) Sleep in the kids bedroom? They should build an add on bedroom witg a attached bath. Nothing fancy, but without it, theyre going to attract desperate nannys. And its so weird for all parties.

2.) They can only afford a family child care rate, but they want a nanny. The reason fccs are so affordable is because the caregiver can legally watch up to fourteen children(with proper inspections, licensing, etc.). To pay a nanny a fcc rate is unfair, as they cant generate additional income. Light housekeeping is an absurd request. It costs a minimum of $10/hour(usually twice as much & more....) for light housekeeping alone! If theyre speaking about cleaning up after the children, I dont think they wouldve mentioned it at all!

Rhiannon said...

The first one sounds like a thread I've been following on DCUM from the nanny's perspective! Same area, six kids, and kosher!

Lyn said...

I would have to be all kinds of desperate to share a room with my charges. No thanks!

♥ Amy Darling ♥ said...

God it makes me so sick to see parents posting an ad seeking a Nanny w/so many expectations and duties involved, yet they cannot or do not want to pay the going rate.

I wish I could eat steak every night for dinner, but instead of going to the Sizzler..I have to settle for McDonald's because that is the way it is. I would NEVER eat at the Sizzler, then when the check comes, tell the waiter, "I am sorry, but I am on a tight budget now..I am a single parent, blah, blah, blah....can you please charge me less for my dinner?"

It sounds crazy, yeah...but that is exactly what parents do when they expect a Nanny at a daycare price.

Penny said...

As for the Chicago family seeking a nanny- well I live in Chicago and let me tell you no one in their right mind who is truly a gifted nanny, patient, & kind would take this job! Well let me tell you I meet lots of respectable wonderful nannies daily and none of them get paid this poorly EVER! You cannot expect a nanny work full time 10 hours a day Monday-Friday and pay her $150-$170 A WEEK! That's just flat out mean and disgusting! I'm sure these morons think they are being reasonable and will probably find someone not a legit nanny of course to care for their child but (and I hope they are reading this,) they will NOT find a GREAT nanny for $150-$170 a week! These people need to understand this is not a "gig" this is our career our job so paying them crap wages only means your screwing over not only yourself but your child too! If you don't take child care seriously what makes you think your caregiver will?

Penny said...

I forgot to mention in my last post that to live in Chicago is pricey! So $150-$170 a week you would be lucky to buy groceries, and cable forget it you would be lucky to have $50 left over for other bills! Sadly like many places if you want a clean decent apartment in a good neighborhood it costs a pretty penny! I mean rent on average anymore in Chicago is $1,200-$1,400 for a two bedroom apartment! Studios can are $750-$950! When I was single I lived in a studio it was $905 a month and that was 5 years ago! Don't even get me started in buying a place! These people are totally out of line about a nanny's salary!

Nannyof3 said...

I am a career nanny in Chicago and I can assure you, no nanny will take up that perk, not even the undocumented workers. You might want to consider daycare. Good luck!

ElenaMadera said...