L station at 14th St. to Brooklyn--Canarsie - NY

Hi, I was in the L station at 14th St. and a black woman walked by with a white blonde-haired baby in a stroller. The short blond-haired baby with brown? eyes looked to be about 2 yrs of age. Her eyes were blank. I have never seen anything like that. It was frightening. No life at all behind her eyes. This was extreme emptiness. Her face was smudged with dirt. She had been crying and something crusted was by her nose. I am 60 yrs old and have seen tons of babies and cared for babies. I should have talked with her caretaker. I couldn't... the caretaker was wearing a very garish outfit--very tight clothes. Her hair was dressed in a bouffant style. She had a tattoo on her left bicep. She wore dark blue jeans: with multicolored patches on the waist and pockets. Very unusual. The clothes made her look like a hooker. This may have been her baby -- either way-- I believe something is happening to that baby. I am a social worker and its part of the job to look for abuse. I am not ever on the L train. I wasn't expecting this. She got on the L train going to Brooklyn--Canarsie. God help that baby.


Just My Two Cents Just Now said... sad. A two year old should not look so unhappy.

Could it be possible that the toddler just got over a crying spell? Or perhaps she just woke up from a nap? Or needed to take a nap?

Bethany said...

I see this as either being a case of abuse/neglect as the OP saw.

Or, a toddler that had perhaps just fallen down and finished crying.

knittynanny said...

My charge cries all the time. When we leave the park. When I give him a healthy lunch. When I get him dressed.

We came home from the beach yesterday with his mom's group of friends (they're all sahms and they let me hang out with them. It's great) and he was sandy and had been crying because he didn't want to leave. He was also tired, so he probably looked like the little girl that was described.

Obviously, I don't abuse him. He was mad because he wasn't getting his way.

The thing that bothers me though wares the way you described the caretaker's clothes. Ew.

Sunny said...

When I read this post, my first thought was that this child may have a syndrome, blindness, or something else going on to cause the vacancy behind her eyes.

Bethany said...


I thought a syndrome could be a possibility as well. There are many out there that cause vacant looks.

KingJoffrey said...

This sighting was disturbing to the OP therefore she posted it. She says she is a social worker which means to me she has most likely seen some pretty harsh stuff in her day. Since I was not there to witness what she saw, I will just have to take her word for it. NYC is full of less than desirable people, so if she found this situation to be particularly offensive, why are you debating it and telling her to mind her own business?
Fact is if this blog was called
I Saw Your"Parents", MPP would have to hire a village to keep this blog up. This baby was likely with her mother and perhaps OP witnessed them experiencing an "off" day together-which is totally understandable,kids are kids and yes they get dirty,stinky and cry when you wish they would cork it.
However just because the OP was not 100% sure that this baby was with her mother or her nanny,or that she may or may not have endured some kind of abuse without a shadow of a doubt,does not give anyone the right to bash her on this thread.
Just my opinion.

ChocolateMilk said...

KingJoffrey..........I'm not sure what your point was in saying that if this blog was called I Saw Your Parents it would take a village to maintain this site. What exactly was your point? Is it that there are more sightings of bad parents than nannys? That can possibly be your point. Because we all know that there are a hell of a lot less nannys than there are parents. And at each child has two parents. So obviously there would have to be mpre bad parenting situations to report. And what does bad parenting vs bad nannying have to do with the above siting? I don't understand. Please explain the connection..

Mrs. Billy Lamar said...

@Miss Mannnah:

You should be removed by MPP for flaming this poster who posted this sighting.

If you are not, then that would be unfair to all the other posters who flamed previous sightings.

Fiona said...

Could have been something good have bee nothing. In my opinion this is a light weight sighting.

I'm not saying she is wrong, and it'a harder for us to judhe because we don't have a picture, but in my experience because of their jobs social workers start seeing the worst in everything they see. It'an unfortunate side effect of the job.
I also can't help but wonder, if the lady the child was with had been dressed differently, if OP would have taken notice at all.

MissMannah said...

I was not trying to flame the OP either, I was trying to make a point, but I guess it is one that does not belong on a sightings post. I will do my best to remember the rules next time.

Mrs Billy, perhaps you can do your best to remember that MPP can do her job just fine without you butting in.

gyspsygirl said...

Wait. So we can't point out when someones age is a factor, UNLESS its bc they are young. We always consider when someones young and nobody cares at all. But when we consider that someones old, its somehow wrong? I do not see the fairness there.

luckoftheirishakagypsygirl said...

Why was my post about op being older and a social worker deleted???? Don't bother answering. You've just lost a very regular poster. I don't support censorship. Bye everyone! It was fun.

UmassSlytherin said...

Let's just look at what OP is saying:
"I should have talked with her caretaker. I couldn't... the caretaker was wearing a very garish outfit--very tight clothes."

I'm sorry but come on. That just sounds so bad. lol doesn't anyone here see it but me?

Teddy Westside said...

I'm unsure why several comments have been deleted... In the pas MPP has been vocal about "not wanting to censor anyone" so I believe she would be willing to share her reasoning behind that decision.

MissMannah said...

"There is a ZERO TOLERANCE policy on personal attacks or flaming of those that send in Sightings."

Several of us were rude to the OP and claiming the post was invalid. Mine were two of the posts that were deleted and I fully support MPP in her decision. It is her blog and her prerogative to delete something she feels does not belong on it. It doesn't change my belief about the OP but I'm not going to get into a discussion about it here, because it would not be appropriate. If yall feel like you have to leave over something as trivial as this, that's no big loss.

Brenda K. Starr said...


Miss Mannah basically flamed the OP and her sighting which is why her post was deleted.

Good thing Mrs. Billy called her out on it.

MaryPoppin'Pills said...

Thank you, MissMannah.

To those upset their post was removed, the mainstay of this Blog is reporting Bad Nannies. In the case of Sightings, negative commenting is not allowed. Sorry, but that is the way it must be. I have received dozens of e-mails from Readers stating: "I would send in a Sighting but I worry it will be picked apart, the validity will be questioned, or I will be flamed."

We must give the OP's of Sightings the benefit of the doubt... none of us were there. Of course you may ask questions or have an opinion regarding what the viewer saw but it must be done respectfully.

I am sorry you feel that way. It isn't easy for me to remove posts because I am so against censoreship... but if ISYN loses it reason for being here, it just becomes an ordinary Blog and in my eyes has no purpose.

I am not going to break down my reasons why each post was removed because I don't want to upset the OP. All I can do is ask you to read back over what you wrote and see how you would feel if you sent in a Sighting and someone made that comment towards you.

Phoenix said...

well despite how much I don't believe this story is real, is irrelevant. What I would see reading a story about a little girl like ths was she was being neglected.

gypsygirl said...

MPP, looking @ the whole picture that actually makes a lot of sense. I hadn't thought lf that. So I'm back. I know you missed me. ;-)

MaryPoppin'Pills said...


Aw, I knew you couldn't stay away ;-)

Glad to have you back!

gypsygirl said...

Thr first step is admition! I'm addicted. ;-)

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

You aren't the 1st to admit ISYN is your guilty pleasure! I've only been here about a month and can't put my phone down! I so freaking LOVE THIS BLOG!!!Thank god my charge is only 3mo old and sleeps a lot! hee-hee!

christy said...

SORRY! I put in a moniker and it made my post anonymous! Please don't delete it! My name is Christy.

gypsygirl said...

Christy, lol. Me, too! I'm never on my computer anymore. Its just me & the phone, lol.

I have a lot of free time between cleaning & taking care of my fam. Because my husbands home with us. This blog is my guilty pleasure. Its fun & harmless.

XoChristyoX nice to meet u.

Anonymous said...