31 October, 2009


Saturday, October 31, 2009

Feature Ad:
1) Looking for help with my Kids (D.C.)
Single dad looking for help with his twin 2 yr old with dining out, shopping, hiking, and many other fun things that I feel like I'm missing out! This is not an ad for hookups or sexual motives. I have my girls 3 day a week and I hate to stay home especially with cold weather near. I have tried so many times to take my girls to lunches, dinner, zoos, shopping, etc..Not something that's easy and it kinda takes away from the fun when trying to juggle both of them. This is ad is exactly what it says but will pay at least $10.00 an hour plus meals out and other expenses. Yes, including drinks when dining so be at least 21. This is not a nanny position since I already have one but rather a Dad's assistant, better yet a friend of daddy that likes to help.

Here's the tricky part, since I am paying cash each time for this and will be seen publicly with my help I ask that you be put together, hygienic, experienced or loves kids, has own car, doesn't eat two entrees or get hammered since it's free, not a plus size (sorry) since I enjoy hiking with them, must must a sense of humor since my girls love to see daddy laugh. Do not respond if you are married or attached since all of our time will be out in public with me and my kids. Would not want a husband or boyfriend going apesh#*! cause you were spotted with another man.

A little about me, professional single dad that lives in Fairfax (Fairlakes). Goofy, very goofy. Very laid back and easy to get along with. Hours will vary so don't quit your day job. Any questions feel free to email me. Thanks for looking.
Original URL: Ad was removed

* Response to Ad from CL reader:

2) RE: Looking for help with my Kids (D.C.)
Something does not seem right about this man's ad. I know that you stated very clearly that you aren't trying to do anything bad but that's what makes me even more suspicious and reading through your ad makes me very curious. For example you mentioned that the woman should not be a plus size..what does that have to do with anything? And why does the woman have to be single? If her husband or boyfriend knows what her job entails, he shouldnt get jealous. And yes I realize that twins are alot to handle, I've babysat twins in the past too, but THOUSANDS of parents of twins learn to juggle twins on their own. If you really are a single dad of twins you need to learn how to go out in public with them by yourself, learn how to discipline them correctly so they don't become too much for you to handle.You mention that drinks are included so the woman has to be 21, well what makes you think the woman would want to drink? not everybody in this world drinks! Just something in this ad does not seem right, so LADIES be VERY CAREFUL!! I wouldn't reccomend any woman take this job. If he really does turn out to be a single father, well, then hes gotta learn how to do things on his own.
Original URL: http://washingtondc.craigslist.org/nva/kid/1435443439.html
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29 October, 2009

When Do I Tell Them I'm Leaving?

Received Thursday, October 29, 2009
Perspective and Opinion on ISYN I work for a wonderful family, as a live-out nanny. I have been with them for almost 2 years, and I have never had any problems. The parents and I have a professional relationship. I'm not treated like a member of the family, but as an extremely valued employee, which I definitely prefer. We usually communicate via email about schedule changes and vacations months in advance, which is very helpful.

My husband and I are planning on moving out of state in September. It will break my heart to say goodbye to my charges, and I'm pretty sure I'll never find a family like this one again. I don't want to just spring this on them, and I want them to have enough time to find a replacement for me. But my nanny friends warn me that if I tell them too far in advance I could be let go sooner if they find someone cheaper than me (this has happened to a few people). I'd like to believe this would never happen, but at the same time, I can't afford to lose my job.

My review and raise are coming at the new year. Do I tell them then? A friend of mine said wait until two weeks beforehand, but that seems a little late. Any ideas? Thanks!

24 October, 2009


Saturday October 24, 2009
.... WHAT?!

1) Can babysit for $8 a day per child or LESS! 10 yrs. EXPERIENCE! References (Florida)
Can baby sit $8 a day per child or LESS! NAME YOUR PRICE! YOU PAY WHAT YOU CAN GIVE ME! WILL BABYSIT FOR LITTLE MONEY SO YOU CAN GO TO CLASSES OR WORK! CHILD CARE PROVIDER WITH OVER 10 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE AND GREAT REFERENCES! I have an awesome recent reference from the Mom of an 18 month old girl I did this for! I watched her much of the day providing lunch and snacks, regular diaper changes, nap time, & fun activities including reading her stories and playing barbies. I watched her for $1 an hour while her Mom went to classes to further her education. I want to do that again for someone and am available days, Monday through Friday while the kids here attend school. Among my references you can talk to the parents of 3 children (3 girls ages 5, 6 & 8) I have cared for right here in Milton. I HAVE BEEN A VERY RELIABLE TRUSTWORTHY NANNY! I was full time nanny for a family that includes a 4 year old girl and 20 mo old boy I did EVERYTHING for and I have a reference from them saying how great I was with their kids. Before that I did total care for 4 children - 2 girls ages 5 & 10 and 2 boys 8 and 11. They will also provide a reference for me! Safety is of utmost importance. Children's CPR COURSE completion! I create activities in a safe environment for all ages, and they all relate to me because I'm patient, caring, fun-loving, attentive to their needs, and very compassionate. I'm not one of those heavy drinker types, don't smoke and do not use drugs or profanity! I am a clean living trustworthy Christian man, caucasion 40+ that has lived happily with and has watched all ages of children. I get along well with everyone regardless of age, ethnicity, etc. I am a good listener and problem solver. Please reply with details of your situation and how I can help you and any questions. If you feel we have probable compatibility enought to talk to me further I will be happy to forward through email past references and arrange for you to talk to the family in Milton with the 3 girls.
Original URL: http://pensacola.craigslist.org/kid/1432455858.html
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The Garden House School on 59th - UES, NY

Received Saturday, October 24, 2009
bad nanny
Where - Outside The Garden House School on 59th, just off York on the UES, NYC.
Nanny - probably mid 30's, 40's, slender, Caribbean pushing twin infants in stroller while picking up two older children.
The children - infant twins in a side-by-side stroller, one boy and one girl and another set of twins about 3-4 years old, one boy and a girl named Anabel or Isabelle.
Apparently she was upset with her employer and another nanny. She proceeded to complain loudly about how her employer does not pay her enough for doing "this shi*" and used other inappropriate choice words in front of the children, parents, and nannies outside the school. She also attempted to pick a fight and cursed at another nanny. While doing all this, one of the children she was picking up wandered down the block and had to be stopped and brought back to her by another adult.

21 October, 2009

110 and Riverside Playground - NY

Received Wednesday, October 21, 2009
bad nanny Unfortunately I saw a very neglectful babysitter yesterday at the 110 and Riverside playground around 1:30 PM. The child is an approx 18 month year old boy with blond hair. The babysitter was 30ish, short hair, possibly Caribbean decent. The babysitter did not engage with the child at all except to discipline him. At one point he was crying and she didn't seem to care at all. It was very depressing.

Washington Market Park in Tribeca

Received Wednesday, October 21, 2009
bad nanny Wednesday, October 21st @ noon at Washington Market Park in Tribeca. You're nanny was wearing a tan rain coat with a belt and green pants. She has an island accent with chubby cheeks and freckles. She watches a 2-ish year old brunette girl who is very cute and rides in a blue Bugaboo stroller with a large black and gray diaper bag.
The nanny was on the phone, not paying attention to the child and the child walked up and scratched my 4 month old son below the eye drawing blood. The nanny got off the phone and asked what happened. I told her that is she hadn't been on the phone, she wouldn't have to have asked. She replied that it was her phone and she pays the bills and can talk anytime and as long as she wishes. Clearly not the point.

Nanny Accuses Housekeeper of Being a Territorial Thief

Received Wednesday, October 21, 2009
Perspective and Opinion on ISYN I have a nanny who works 4 days per week, and a cleaning lady who works once every 2 weeks. So, the nanny and the cleaning lady overlap once every 2 weeks. Last week, the nanny complained to me about the cleaning lady, saying that she uses my things (such as applying my make-up), makes fun of me, and that she suspected the cleaning lady was stealing. She also said that the cleaning lady told her not to steal her job, and not to touch the kitchen b/c it was her turf. Now, I've had this nanny for a couple months, and I've had the cleaning lady for over 2 years. I haven't ever caught the cleaning lady stealing from me (some stuff tends to go missing here and there, but it generally turns up eventually - my place isn't that neat!). Also, the cleaning lady is always soft spoken and I have never even seen her wear make-up, so it was a shock to me that she would be nasty and territorial. Now, maybe the nanny wants to steal the cleaning lady's job, but I remember during the interview with the nanny she said she only wanted to attend to the baby's need and no housework. So, what do I do??

There may be no sort of insurance for a nanny, but if you use surety companies you can get the extra insurance and protection that you need!!

Instant Online Surety Bond Quotes

20 October, 2009

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Another Worst Parent Award Nominee for `09 [Video] OK, we`ve seen a lot of bad parents in 2009, but this parent overseeing her child`s birthday party will probably win.
Note: The Original Video was taken down from the I-am-Bored.com site. Here is a Link to the new one: www.datzhott.com
Special thanks to Christina for locating the Video.

But Where??

Received Tuesday, October 20, 2009
bad nanny Your nanny often frequents my daughter's Gymboree class. She is a bit older and is foreign, perhaps she is Greek? She wears a Greek evil eye bracelet and has blonde hair and glasses. She takes your twins to Gymboree, they are boy girl twins and have blonde hair, the boy's name is Brandon I think?

She is all over the place and cannot for the life of her seem to handle her job. Today one of your babies was holding onto the parachute when the teacher pulled it, and she bit her tongue. Class abruptly ended as she made a HUGEEEEEEEE scene and went full out nut-job on the girl.

She does not seem to have a handle on her job at all, and is always all over the place.
Very unpleasant, and seemingly chemically imbalanced.

19 October, 2009

Nanny Feels Penalized for Family's Vacation

Received Monday, October 19, 2009
Perspective and Opinion on ISYN I am an American aupair working in a very expensive European country. By law, all employees must receive at least four weeks (normally five or six) paid weeks vacation time, regardless of their profession. Both of my employers work, and both receive five weeks. In my contract, it states I receive five weeks as well. Children here are on year-round school schedule, and generally have two weeks off in the fall, two weeks at Christmas, two weeks in the springs, and around four weeks during summer. So, having worked as an aupair for another family, I anticipated planning my vacation time around the children's, as most families go somewhere, every break, for one week. The aupair is then expected to work the second week. Fine. No problem at all.

So here is my problem. When I arrived, two months ago, I told told my employer, the father, that I planned to take my five weeks vacation spread out, exactly as the kids had their vacation. He said that was fine. And the first vacation week I was planning on taking was Oct 9-16 (as the father was taking the kids out of the country this week), which would have been the second week of the kids' vacation, and I was to work the first week because they would be out of school.

Well, the mother decided she wanted to take the kids out of school a week and a half early to go to her home country with the children. So I have been off from September 26 until today, October 18th, when I only asked to have off one week. I do not live with the family, but do rely on eating with them everyday (as I am an aupair and do not make much money), and only budgeted to have to buy my own food during the time that I asked for off. So, consequently, I had to spend $200+ on food while they were away. That sounds like a lot in US dollars, I know, so please do not say I could have eaten for less. The country I am living in is 2-3x more expensive than the US, and I only make the equivalent of $800 a month.

I met with the father today, and he said to me, "This doesn't matter to me either way, but do you want to use your vacation time for all the time you have been off, or shall we just put it down as hours that you owe?" This has really been bothering because I feel like I am being penalized for their decision to take the kids out of school early, and leave for 3 weeks. I was not given a choice as to whether or not I wanted to accompany them to work, so I do not feel as though I should have to make up the hours or use my vacation time. Who chooses to use 3 out of 5 weeks in October?? And the fact that I had to pay living costs while they were away also plays into this.

It was also my birthday during this time, and I didn't receive a phone call or an email or anything. I know in most jobs you would not expect to; however, as an aupair, I am supposed to be viewed as "one of the family", so it hurts that they didn't even acknowledge it.

What do you guys think? I would like to sit down with the father this week, but I want to be able to with confidence because he is not the nicest man I have ever met, and he is quite stingy, and can be very unreasonable. I know this site is supposed to be for nannies and nanny issues, but thank you for your advice.

A Fair Price to Pay?

Received Monday, October 19, 2009
Perspective and Opinion on ISYN I recently babysat for four children between two families and wanted to get everyone's opinion on what I was paid for my work. I found a babysitting service in my local area that is highly recommended, well known, and one that has many long term families as clients. If you are unfamiliar with how a babysitting service works, here is the best explanation I can give: a family sends a request to the service for a sitter on a particular date. The service then emails us (the sitters) and if we are available, we respond back to the email. We are then sent a job confirmation for that date and a job description describing the family and children. On Monday, the owner of the service called me, asking if I would be ok watching four children alone. I said I would be fine without another sitter, and she personally recommended me to the families for this most recent job, being that I am one of the older more mature sitters with daycare experience; handling multiple children at a time. The owner loves feedback from families and sitters, and I am unsure as to what to say about these families to the owner. I thought the one set of parents I met were very nice, along with the grandparents of all four children. I had a bit of an awkward situation, babysitting at the grandparents house while the family attended a college football game and then preparing for a party afterwards. I was still there when the party started, and gone when the food was served. My problem wasn't where I was babysitting or the party itself. It wasn't the job, but what I was paid for my work, especially when the owner of the service told me that I would be getting more per hour since I was sitting for two families. I was responsible for four children - 8, 4, 3, and 13 months, all boys, all cousins. The 8 year old arrived toward lunch as he had a football game, which left me with the 3 younger ones. I was there seven hours and was paid $90 for four children. I expected more than this to be perfectly honest. My thought was that I would be getting more per hour, since there were two families. It almost seems like the other family got a free babysitter, being that the parents of the two younger children paid me. I am not happy about this, am unsure as to what to tell the owner and am rather disappointed that this family paid me something different than what the owner mentioned. I also feel that I was ripped off. Anyone else's thoughts?

17 October, 2009


Saturday, October 17, 2009
.... WHAT?!

Feature Ad:
1) Seeking full-time live-in nanny (Indiana)
My husband and I have a (biracial) newborn baby and also work from home. We love being hands-on parents with our baby boy (born Aug. 13) and hope to find a full-time live-in nanny so we can actually get work done during the day. We're looking for a nanny with open availability 7 days a week, every day. We will pay extra for light housekeeping. When we say 24/7availability, this doesn't mean you'll be working the whole time (we encourage you to still have a personal life), we prefer someone who can be flexible with our schedules instead of the other way around.

We're VERY involved with our boy and aren't lazy nor are we superficial and seek the same. We expect nanny to clean after self and baby (we'll pay extra if you clean after us parents). We live in a beautiful and safe neighborhood (Windsor Private) near the Oliver Winery in a gorgeous home. A little bit about us: we're vegetarian (mostly), spiritual but not religious, open-minded, 420 friendly (but not with baby), and enjoy learning about multiple cultures.

Female or Male or TG/TS over the age of 21
Must have at least 3 years with newborn experience
Must be willing to eat vegetarian
Must have 3 references (at least 2 related to childcare)
Must be ok with cat
Non-cigarette smoker

Qualities we look for in nanny:
Adaptable to new environments
Able to do things through self-discovery without constantly asking how do to it (example: tv remote)
Able to keep religion to themselves and away from our child (this is very important to me)

We're super easy to get along with and hope to find someone who would like to join our little family. We sometimes like to travel (as husband/wife) and would like someone who can manage the house and baby while we're gone. And likewise, there may be times we want to bring nanny and baby along too. It's been forever since we've had time to go on a date. Nanny will have his/her own room near the nursery.

$300 a week (if nanny is in college/has work or other schedule obligations)
$400 a week (if nanny has no other schedule conflicts and is available 24/7)
$500 a week + surprise bonuses (if nanny is available 24/7 and provides basic housekeeping)

We look forward to hearing from you and will answer any questions you may have! Namaste.
Original URL: http://bloomington.craigslist.org/kid/1374898149.html
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15 October, 2009

Heads Up?

Received Thursday, October 15, 2009
Dear NYC area Nanny employers,
I recently had an incident whereby I required to search my nanny's quarters. I choose not to go in the specifics of that now, however in her possessions, I did discover some disturbing paperwork, best titles anti employer propoganda. I think we should all beware that such nannies exist and operate under the acronym "BNG". I do not know what that stands for. I saw a piece of paper suggesting that nanny's should safeguard their economic status by photographing contents of employer's homes, including desks, computer searches and bedside drawers. This document was crudely written. I am not saying that all nannies are in to this, but you know how word travels in nanny circles. I think employers should safeguard themselves against such domestic terrorism. I was hesitant to take too many documents as she might notice, but I did grab this one:
View big picture by clicking HERE. <---Click on document to view full sized.

Andulka Park in Riverside , CA

Received Thursday, October 15, 2009
bad nanny A 5 year old boy with special needs/developmental delays was "lost" by his caregiver at Andulka Park on Monday. Several nannies and Moms joined to find the boy who was wandering away towards the ballparks. The mothers and nannies were relieved to help find the child and happy that he was found. The nanny seemed perturbed, even though she was to blame. The child, even after being "lost" was too far away from his caregiver for his special needs. Perhaps, because of his developmental delays, he became a bit rough with a younger boy and that boy retaliated by hitting the 5 year old in the face. The five year old burst in to tears and there was no one near to console him or correct him. The mother of the three year old collected and reprimanded her child. When the child pushed a girl of about 4 years old down, two other parents took their children away from the area where your child was playing. Watching this made me so sad. It wasn't the child's fault. He just needed some redirection.
I would describe the child as being husky for a five year old, with very closely cut brown hair, wearing a green and white, wide striped shirt, jeans and brown orthopedic or specialty shoes.
I would describe the nanny as white, bi racial or Hispanic, young twenties, with medium length dark brown hair, olive skin and green eyes. The nanny was wearing brown Capri pants that had many ties and buckles hanging off of them and flip flops.

Planet Fun in Greenbelt, MD

Received Thursday, October 15, 2009
bad nannyDate: Saturday, October 10
Time: Between 2 & 5PM
Location: Planet Fun at the Beltway Mall in Greenbelt, MD
Child: 2 y.o. boy with thick dark hair, green eyes and a runny nose, wearing a brown rugby style shirt with orange letters. Height and weight proportionate.
Nanny: 30-40 y.o. African American nanny with short, black hair in a very short pony tail, dark eyes, wearing a white l/s shirt with a red cross style logo on it and black denim jeans. Approximately 5'5" and weight proportionate.
What happened: The little boy came up to me about ten times while he was there. He kept finding me and I in turn would take him to find the nanny. She didn't seem to be doing much of anything. She wasn't texting or talking on the phone, so I don't know why she didn't make the effort to keep track of him. At one time I found her in the food area, drinking a large drink. I brought the child to her. Shortly after that, my sons and I went to the food area to eat. My children had a late lunch with drinks and the little boy was back at my side saying, "I'm thirsty, I'm hungry". By this time, I was tired of looking for his nanny so I let the boys share their food with him. I didn't want them to share their drink because of his runny nose (that I wiped about three times that day). When the nanny reappeared in our area and saw him sitting with us and eating french fries, I said, "he seems to be hungry and thirsty". Her response, "That's okay, he can share". I think she was giving me permission to share. The nanny was clueless and had little or no energy. I had to be the voice of doom, but it is not unheard of for predators to hang out at such places looking for children who seem to be off on their own. Your young son deserves more attention and better care.

Liberty Science Center in Jersey City, NJ

Received Thursday, October 15, 2009
bad nanny I would like to report a bad nanny that I observed at the Liberty Science Center on Tuesday afternoon. She was caring, or rather failing to properly care for one, Caucasian, tow headed, blonde girl of approximately 3 years of age. The little girl was wearing pink and brown pants and a white hoodie sweater. The nanny was Hispanic, likely Domican, with wet look curl style hair, tight blue jeans and a red ribbed sweater. I would call the nanny's behavior indifferent and outright mean. The nanny had brought her to this great place, likely at the parent's bequest. The parent's had probably paid for the outing and the nanny wanted to do nothing but mope around and text. Several times the child (who was very petite for her age) asked to do this or that or for help and the nanny kept responding in the nastiest, most grumpy tone, "we are here to look. You look with your eyes, not your hands". This is a great place with hands on exhibits and interactive activities and I saw this poor little girl do NOTHING but watch other children having fun from a distance. It was pathetic.

10 October, 2009


Saturday, October 10, 2009
.... WHAT?!

Feature Ad:
1) Looking For a Sitter Tonight... (Rhode Island)
Hello! I am looking for a sitter in our home tonight for our 4 1/2 year old son. I need help with him while we do some unpacking/housework (we just moved back to RI). I would also like someone to help give him a bath & get him ready for bed.
Would like this to lead to a part-time or as-needed position for the right individual. Must be a non-smoker & like pets (2 cats & a chihuahua). Mothers with similar-aged children are okay as well as RESPONSIBLE teenagers or college students.
If you can help out tonight, please e-mail me ASAP today with your rate requirements (5/6-10pm). No scams/solicitations please!
Original URL: http://providence.craigslist.org/kid/1410609446.html

*Response from angry CL reader:

2) RE: Looking For a Sitter Tonight (Rhode Island)
You want some random stranger to come babysit last minute AND BATHE your child? How do you think your child will be with a stranger bathing them? Are you a nutcase? What the hell is the matter with you people? "Ok lil Tony. Mommy and Daddy placed an ad on craigslist tonight for someone we can't screen at these hours to come watch you and they are going to bathe your lil naked body too,.. even though you have no idea who they are and we don't know who they are either. They could be a sexual predator,.. but who cares,.. at least we can unpack and not watch you." WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU WACKOS????
Original URL: http://providence.craigslist.org/kid/1411133936.html
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Bad Nanny in Skokie, IL - Skokie Public Library

Received Saturday, October 10, 2009
nanny sighting logo Seen at Skokie Public Library Friday, October 9 at 10:15 am.
I have seen this nanny all summer, and while her behavior isn't horrendous, she isn't a good nanny and I think the parents should know. Nanny is older, maybe early fifties. She is Hispanic and speaks Spanish fluently. She has short black curly hair. This day she was wearing a light blue fleece shirt and black pants.

She takes care of two little girls who are about 18 months. They may be twins or it may be a nanny share, I'm not completely sure. This day one girl who has blonde hair was wearing a purple shirt and skirt set with white tights. The other girl who has a little darker blonde almost brown hair was wearing a pink and green skirt/shirt set with white tights. Both had dark pink maryjane style gym shoes on. They have a side by side double stroller that is orange.

I usually see this nanny at Central Park in Skokie, but today saw her at the library. Every time I see her she is on her cell phone. Whether she's pushing the girls on the swings, walking around the grass with them (I've never actually seen them on the play equipment, usually just wandering followed by the nanny) or their at the library, she's making phone calls and spends the entire time on the phone. She speaks in Spanish while on the phone, so I have no idea if it's important, the mom, etc, however I've probably witnessed this behavior over 20 times this summer and the phone calls are never short. I can't imagine anyone has that many emergencies. She does watch the girls, but does not engage them. The girls are timid and usually just stand on the sides watching other kids, or wandering around. Like I said, she's not a horrible nanny, however I doubt her employers are paying for her to talk on the phone all day and ignore their children.

Samuel Christian Education Center - Alexandria, VA

Received Saturday, October 10, 2009
nanny sighting logo
Location: Alexandria, VA Samuel Christian Education Center 400 blk of N Patrick St.
Date: 10-01-2009
Time: 2pm-4PM
Nanny: Young woman in a floral shirt and white sweater. Dark hair.
Children: Two little children - one boy, one girl. Both 2 or 3 years old. The little girl had light brown hair, white shirt, red pants. The little boy had on a light blue fleece, khakis, gray & red tennis shoes.

The little girl was playing by herself nearest the sidewalk in the rocks and also just watching people and cars go by. She stayed there for 10-15 minutes by herself and looked lonely.

Eventually she ran back to the playground equipment and swapped places with the little boy. The little boy was crying and rattling the fence as he watched the cars whiz by on Rt 1. I walked past and could've touched him. He stood there crying for 5-10 minutes while the rest of the children played back near the playground equipment. I think there's no problem with a child crying (they do it all the time) but the childcare attendants were not in my sight- much further back by the playground equipment. There were probably 20-30 kids in the yard and 2 adults.

Eventually, the attendant picked him up after all of the other children seemed to have gone inside.

It seems that maybe they should close the front section of the playground closest to the street. The gates were locked, but it still seemed if I were determined I could snatch the little children and noone would see. I definitely could've talked to the children for a long time before anyone noticed me. Or it didn't seem like it would take too much for the little one to either get out of the fence or climb it and find himself on Rt 1 at rush hour. I felt compelled to keep an eye on the kids from the sidewalk; I was concerned and curious about when the attendants would spot them or comfort them.

Cute kids, hard-working attendants, but they need to have more adults in the yard with children that little and close the part near the sidewalk.

A lot can happen in 15 minutes when noone is watching!

Walnut Creek Woman Convicted of Enslaving Nanny

Saturday, October 10, 2009
A Walnut Creek real estate agent has been convicted of charges that she lured a Peruvian nanny to the East Bay with promises of a better life but instead kept her as an indentured servant for nearly two years. Mabelle de la Rosa Dann, 46, also known as Mabelle Crabbe, kept the nanny a virtual prisoner, cut her off from Spanish-speaking media and rationed her food, authorities said.

"No person should ever be forced to live in a world of fear, isolation and servitude," said John Morton, an assistant secretary for the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency. She was found guilty Thursday by a federal jury in Oakland of forced labor and other charges. U.S. District Judge Claudia Wilken is to sentence her Jan. 13. (story continued)
Special thanks to Chquita for Submitting this Article.

06 October, 2009

Woodacres Park in Bethesda MD

Received Tuesday, October 6, 2009
nanny sighting logo I was at Woodacres Park in Bethesda MD with my son today, where I ended up essentially watching 2 very cute little girls (around age 3?) named Audrey and Kelsy (or maybe it was Cassie?). Their nannies were in a group of about 6 women on the other side of the playground on benches, chatting (all seemed to be same nationality and had kids of their own there too, except they were actually watching those kids). The only time I saw the nannies interact with the girls at all was when one of their sons wanted a ball the girls were playing with and the nanny came over and made the girls hand it over. The little girls followed me around the park for over 30 minutes, asking me to help them, push them on the swings etc, asking questions. I suggested to them several times that they should ask their own nannies to push them on the swings and at one point the girls went over hesitantly and I don't think even asked, just came back and said "um, she's talking". I have to say both the girls seemed a little scared of their nannies, something I've never seen from kids that age. When I meet friends at the park I too tend to ignore my kids to some extent, but never ever for that length of time and definitely not without checking out who the adult stranger is that is playing with them. And my kids have never been too scared to interrupt me to make a request.

05 October, 2009

"Am I Just a Spoiled Nanny?"

Received Monday, October 5, 2009
Perspective and Opinion on ISYN I work for a family with twin infants. The babies have significant health problems along with severe colic, so needless to say, this job has been very challenging. I get paid VERY little but accepted the job because I love what I do and the hours worked well for me. The pay issue is difficult but I manage. The real issues are much larger. First, I was told that I would get paid weekly but now this has changed to bi-weekly. This would have been fine had this information been brought to my attention from the get-go. Another issue has been the food and drink dilemma. I was told upon hire that I would have access to snacks and drinks. Ok fine. But I drank the last Diet Coke the other day and am now being asked to replace the entire 12 pack. How does this work?? There has also been a problem with Mom getting home later and later and I have missed engagements due to her tardiness. I spoke to her about this and she she apologized but it still happens from time to time. Perhaps the biggest problem has been with vacation time. I do not have any plans for vacation. I was told at the time of hire that they would not be going on vacation until next summer. Now, they are traveling cross country for Thanksgiving for a period of 3 weeks. I was told that I will NOT be paid for this time unless I make up the hours on weekends. With every other family I have worked for, I have been paid during the family's vacation. We do have a contract but there was no clause concerning vacation time. Only sick days. I have never experienced problems like this with any family that I have worked for. Perhaps I have been spoiled but this is just hard to swallow. Like I mentioned ealier, I have talked to the mother but it does not seem to work. It is not very realistic for me to pick up and get another job because I am starting nursing school in January and do not want to get a job and have to quit when that time comes. This family knows I will be leaving in January. Am I just a spoiled nanny? Are all of these issues truly issues or am I making something out of nothing? Thanks!

03 October, 2009


Saturday, October 3, 2009
.... WHAT?!

1) Need after school sitter for cranky/sneaky 12 year old girl (St. Louis)
I figured I'd be honest up front. My daughter isn't exactly the nicest person in the world to be around right now. At least not to me, although I have seen her be nice to other people. Lately, she has become very upset when I am home after school and she feels like I shouldn't be or she will call over and over to see what time I am coming home. While she swears she doesn't have anything or anyone planned to do that she knows I wouldn't like, I tend to doubt this otherwise why would she be so upset if I am home? I have caught her trying to smoke and drink and at this time, just don't feel that her staying at home alone is such a great idea. I already have a babysitter for my younger two children, however she is in another school district so my daughter can't ride the bus to her house. I am looking for someone who can work about 3 hours a day. After school only. She may need a couple of rides home, as I am trying to sign her up for after school activities so she isn't alone all afternoon, but again, that still leaves her alone until her dad gets home around 6. I would perfer someone who won't let her eat a bunch of crap and sit on the couch watching tv. She is very overweight and is affecting her health. Maybe someone who loves to run. or anything more physical than lifting pepsi to her mouth. Yes, it needs to be someone who can handle the "i hate you so please die look" and the "OMG I hate you and my life and maybe I should kill myself!" statements that she likes to make. Someone who is smart enough to realize that her being nice is probably only going to last as long as it takes you to ask her to do anything relating homework, excersice, or housework. Anyway, if I haven't completely scared you off please email me. This really is a need that I have and hopefully there is some brave soul out there. FYI She goes to Ridgewood MIddle School in the Fox District.
Original URL: http://stlouis.craigslist.org/kid/1395702559.html
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