Andulka Park in Riverside , CA

Received Thursday, October 15, 2009
bad nanny A 5 year old boy with special needs/developmental delays was "lost" by his caregiver at Andulka Park on Monday. Several nannies and Moms joined to find the boy who was wandering away towards the ballparks. The mothers and nannies were relieved to help find the child and happy that he was found. The nanny seemed perturbed, even though she was to blame. The child, even after being "lost" was too far away from his caregiver for his special needs. Perhaps, because of his developmental delays, he became a bit rough with a younger boy and that boy retaliated by hitting the 5 year old in the face. The five year old burst in to tears and there was no one near to console him or correct him. The mother of the three year old collected and reprimanded her child. When the child pushed a girl of about 4 years old down, two other parents took their children away from the area where your child was playing. Watching this made me so sad. It wasn't the child's fault. He just needed some redirection.
I would describe the child as being husky for a five year old, with very closely cut brown hair, wearing a green and white, wide striped shirt, jeans and brown orthopedic or specialty shoes.
I would describe the nanny as white, bi racial or Hispanic, young twenties, with medium length dark brown hair, olive skin and green eyes. The nanny was wearing brown Capri pants that had many ties and buckles hanging off of them and flip flops.


MakeupAddictMissDee said...

You have got to be kidding me. Surely this nanny must have been aware that this child is special needs and there may be a reason that he needs constant supervision. Regardless of his needs, ALL children need to know there is an adult there for them to ensure their well-being. This nanny is nothing but a child watching a child.

MinuteMuggle said...

as a parent of a special needs child, this really scares me. :( I hope the parents see this. good siting, OP!