Planet Fun in Greenbelt, MD

Received Thursday, October 15, 2009
bad nannyDate: Saturday, October 10
Time: Between 2 & 5PM
Location: Planet Fun at the Beltway Mall in Greenbelt, MD
Child: 2 y.o. boy with thick dark hair, green eyes and a runny nose, wearing a brown rugby style shirt with orange letters. Height and weight proportionate.
Nanny: 30-40 y.o. African American nanny with short, black hair in a very short pony tail, dark eyes, wearing a white l/s shirt with a red cross style logo on it and black denim jeans. Approximately 5'5" and weight proportionate.
What happened: The little boy came up to me about ten times while he was there. He kept finding me and I in turn would take him to find the nanny. She didn't seem to be doing much of anything. She wasn't texting or talking on the phone, so I don't know why she didn't make the effort to keep track of him. At one time I found her in the food area, drinking a large drink. I brought the child to her. Shortly after that, my sons and I went to the food area to eat. My children had a late lunch with drinks and the little boy was back at my side saying, "I'm thirsty, I'm hungry". By this time, I was tired of looking for his nanny so I let the boys share their food with him. I didn't want them to share their drink because of his runny nose (that I wiped about three times that day). When the nanny reappeared in our area and saw him sitting with us and eating french fries, I said, "he seems to be hungry and thirsty". Her response, "That's okay, he can share". I think she was giving me permission to share. The nanny was clueless and had little or no energy. I had to be the voice of doom, but it is not unheard of for predators to hang out at such places looking for children who seem to be off on their own. Your young son deserves more attention and better care.


anonymouse said...

wow. horrible nanny. good sighting.

MakeupAddictMissDee said...

You have to be kidding me! The nanny is having a snack and denies the child something to eat and drink? You took care of him the entire time he was there and the nanny tells you he can eat your child's lunch? Here's a thought: the parents should fire their nanny and hire OP.

MinuteMuggle said...

so sad. :(

good sighting said...

OP, you are obviously a very big-hearted and generous person. I have to wonder if the nanny frequently counts on there being someone like you around to do her job for her. She sounded so unsurprised and ungrateful to see you there feeding her charge...I'm not criticizing what you did AT ALL (just to clarify), but just wondering what would have happened if you hadn't done anything- would the child eventually have made a scene and forced the nanny to respond? Or do you think he would have just given up?