Liberty Science Center in Jersey City, NJ

Received Thursday, October 15, 2009
bad nanny I would like to report a bad nanny that I observed at the Liberty Science Center on Tuesday afternoon. She was caring, or rather failing to properly care for one, Caucasian, tow headed, blonde girl of approximately 3 years of age. The little girl was wearing pink and brown pants and a white hoodie sweater. The nanny was Hispanic, likely Domican, with wet look curl style hair, tight blue jeans and a red ribbed sweater. I would call the nanny's behavior indifferent and outright mean. The nanny had brought her to this great place, likely at the parent's bequest. The parent's had probably paid for the outing and the nanny wanted to do nothing but mope around and text. Several times the child (who was very petite for her age) asked to do this or that or for help and the nanny kept responding in the nastiest, most grumpy tone, "we are here to look. You look with your eyes, not your hands". This is a great place with hands on exhibits and interactive activities and I saw this poor little girl do NOTHING but watch other children having fun from a distance. It was pathetic.


A Real Mom said...

A nanny does not replace a mom...far from it!

Beth S said...

A real Mom,
The nannies here leave a lot to be desired but I have known nannies that were for superior to the mothers in the level of dedication, supervision, empathy, direction and love they provided their "charges". There are nannies out there who save children, who shape children and who truly inspire.

MakeupAddictMissDee said...

Did this nanny ever take a child development course? Is she aware that children learn by hands on experiences? It's like giving a 2 year old crayons, markers and paper or art materials. He LEARNS how to use these materials at a young age, which sets the foundation for fine motor skills and cognitive development. Give a child in kindergarten art materials who has never been exposed to using them and he won't know what to do with them. The same priniciple applies here. How is this child supposed to learn if she can't touch or do anything?

MinuteMuggle said...

A real mom,

I agree with Beth. If you are implying that a child is better off with their mother in every circumstance, you are wrong. Of course a nanny does not "replace" a mom. That point is moot. However, as Beth said, there are nannies who save children every day. Wonderful nannies not to mention sitters, and childcare providers everywhere.

Furthermore, many moms who hire childcare providers like nannies are working to support their children because they do not have a choice. They are: doctors, teachers, housekeepers, therapists, the list goes on. Let's be advocates for quality childcare for women and men who really need it. Not everyone has the opportunity to stay home with their child. Don't be so quick to judge.

Take this post for what it is: a crappy nanny siting! There are bad and good nannies everywhere, and there are bad and good "real moms" everywhere too.

Good job, OP! I hope the parents see this!

mom in IL said...

Thank you MM!!! We should be advocates for quality childcare for all children instead of berating those moms who can't work and assuming all nannies are like this nanny. Our nanny is terrific and there are some things she is better at than I am and vice versa. My son gets the best of both worlds.

nc said...

Well said MinuteMuggle!!

ChiNanny said...

If everyone stops responding to Real Mom in every thread she posts the same stuff in over and over, she'll stop, or at least not every post will be hijacked by the nanny/stay at home mom debate.

This post is sad. I hate when I see bored kids at museums because the adult won't help them learn and let them have fun.

MinuteMuggle said...

thanks guys!


we can post whatever we want if it is relevant. I think an open discussion is just that: an open discussion. real mom is welcome to post anything she wants to and her opinion is just as valid as ours, though we may not agree with it.

I will continue to use any chance I can get to advocate quality childcare.


ChiNanny said...

You're right we can, but this is the 3rd sighting where the same debate has started by Real Mom. Eventually enough is enough

MinuteMuggle said...

you can never have enough debate on ISYN. just my opinion.

nyc mom said...

Internet Troll:
"A troll is someone who posts controversial, inflammatory, irrelevant or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum, chat room or blog, with the primary intent of provoking other users into an emotional response[1] or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion."

I'm with ChiNanny on this one. Of course, everyone is free to express their opinion - that is a truism. However, Real Mom isn't just posting her *relevant* opinion. "Nannies and daycares are neglectful and good moms stay home with their kids" is not a relevant response to EVERY nanny siting. She is attempting to hijack every thread and divert it from its intended purpose. This doesn't contribute to ISYN - it detracts from it. I know sometimes the blog is slow in traffic and this trolling stirs up some controversy and conversation. That's fine once in a while, but not over and over again.

Anway, I'm well aware that all I've done in responding to serve Real Mom's purpose so as ChiNanny suggested I won't take the bait in the future!

Sara said...

I had a mom who stayed at home part of the time and worked part of the time while I was growing up. Honestly, there was no difference when she was working vs. staying home except when she worked the household had more money. When she stayed home she didn't play with us, cook with us, teach us crafts or hobbies. When I was 7 I taught myself how to ride a bike because she was watching TV and wouldn't come outside even to watch. So to say moms who stay at home are better than those who work is completely false.