Walnut Creek Woman Convicted of Enslaving Nanny

Saturday, October 10, 2009
A Walnut Creek real estate agent has been convicted of charges that she lured a Peruvian nanny to the East Bay with promises of a better life but instead kept her as an indentured servant for nearly two years. Mabelle de la Rosa Dann, 46, also known as Mabelle Crabbe, kept the nanny a virtual prisoner, cut her off from Spanish-speaking media and rationed her food, authorities said.

"No person should ever be forced to live in a world of fear, isolation and servitude," said John Morton, an assistant secretary for the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency. She was found guilty Thursday by a federal jury in Oakland of forced labor and other charges. U.S. District Judge Claudia Wilken is to sentence her Jan. 13. (story continued)
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mom said...

This is actually not all that uncommon. My husband tried a case a while back where people enslaved many immigrants and then tried to make their insurance company pay up for the damages and legal fees when they were convicted of white slavery. The nerve.

I have read several such cases in recent years. There was also a child sold in a foreign country to a couple who brought her to Orange County, CA and used her as a slave, made her live in the garage on a rotten mattress and filth, and didn't allow her outside, EVER...not even to go to school.

Despicable, from every possible angle. Another reason to shore up our borders like airtight drum and account for every single person brought into the country. Not only would it serve America better, but it would allow those here to feel free to make their mistreatment known without fear of being "caught" themselves.