Woodacres Park in Bethesda MD

Received Tuesday, October 6, 2009
nanny sighting logo I was at Woodacres Park in Bethesda MD with my son today, where I ended up essentially watching 2 very cute little girls (around age 3?) named Audrey and Kelsy (or maybe it was Cassie?). Their nannies were in a group of about 6 women on the other side of the playground on benches, chatting (all seemed to be same nationality and had kids of their own there too, except they were actually watching those kids). The only time I saw the nannies interact with the girls at all was when one of their sons wanted a ball the girls were playing with and the nanny came over and made the girls hand it over. The little girls followed me around the park for over 30 minutes, asking me to help them, push them on the swings etc, asking questions. I suggested to them several times that they should ask their own nannies to push them on the swings and at one point the girls went over hesitantly and I don't think even asked, just came back and said "um, she's talking". I have to say both the girls seemed a little scared of their nannies, something I've never seen from kids that age. When I meet friends at the park I too tend to ignore my kids to some extent, but never ever for that length of time and definitely not without checking out who the adult stranger is that is playing with them. And my kids have never been too scared to interrupt me to make a request.


MinuteMuggle said...

good siting, OP. lol the kids probably just found you and your son to be more fun than their nannies!

MissDee said...

I always ask this question when sightings like this are reported:

What would the nannies have told the police and parents had you taken their children?

mom said...

How sad for those kids.

This is why this site interested me so much when I first heard about it. This is the behavior I saw routinely from the nannies in my neighborhood.

Had this site existed at that time, I think it would have given me the courage to knock on the doors of their parents and tell them what horrible care their children were receiving. At the time, I guess I felt like it was "their business," and not mine. Also, I suspect those parents probably had an idea that their kids weren't receiving "motherly" care form their nannies, and probably cared very little.

That's an even bigger problem. This site helps to make parents aware of what happens with their nannies sometimes...but what happens when the parents don't give a rip? So sad.

world's best nanny said...

Again, I would pull these kids off to one side that can't be seen by the nannies and ask if that was their Dad that drove the brown van they got into!

Aliana. said...

horrible nannies! by the way i am a nanny myself and would never do that!