Firing a mediocre nanny..

I have decided our nanny is just not a good fit. She doesn't do anything abusive that I am aware of, she just rubs me the wrong way. I have tried to make this work for the better part of three months. It is getting to the point now that when I come home, I am pained to make small talk with her. I imagine she might pick up on this? What is my obligation to this girl? She came from the Ithaca area to our home in Westchester and she live-in. Being honest seems practical, but unkind. I don't like her. My children seem to like her just fine. I was thinking of giving her three weeks severance pay.


Anonymous said...

In all honesty, you are being selfish. If your children like her and she does a good job, get over it. She's your nanny, not your friend.

Anonymous said...

You're allowed to be selfish about this; you shouldn't be made to feel awkward and uncomfortable in your own home. I'm not sure I would do the same, as quality childcare can be difficult to find, and there's no guarantee you won't run into bigger issues with a replacement. But, if you decide she's not for you, there's really no further explanation necessary.

I think three weeks of severance is fair.