Adventure Aquarium in Camden, NJ

Nanny: AA female, med. height with long dark braids with reddish color on the bottoms. White sweater, blue jeans, brown suede boots.
Child: Korean boy, between 18-24 months. Thick dark hair, Blue jacket in a square pattern print. White puma tennis shoes with red stripe.
When: Friday, 3/6 @ approx 220PM
Where:Adventure Aquarium

What: The nanny and the child were walking around. I saw no stroller. The nanny was on her cellphone the entire time. The child was not old enough to really partake in the museum without some guidance but she was completely detached from him. At some points, she would just lean up against the wall and let him mill about, but it was really sad. The kid looked sad. I was there with my child who is three and he was staring at us as we talked about the exhibits and I read her what was provided. When we veered off to the hands on area, she told him, "no, not doing that. I just got my nails done." I smiled at her like she was kidding, but she wasn't. She seriously was that cold to this boy.
*black iphone


Anonymous said...

It doesn't really sound that bad.

Layne said...

To the Anon above. No it doesn't sound bad, but this nanny is obviously not giving the little boy the attention he deserves, especially in such an educational area.