First time Live Out in Park Slope, NY negotiating DOE salary

I just interviewed for a position which I have basically been offered, but for the financial part. The salary was DOE and the family is not a stranger to paying for quality childcare. This will be my first position in the area, and my first live out job and the first nanny job I have had in five years. I have 5 years experience and a bachelor's in sociology. I speak English, Spanish and French and play the piano. Here are the hours and responsibilities.
M-TH, 630-830 AM. Get two children ready for school and take them to school. Clean up from all morning play and meals. Pack kids lunches. Start laundry with morning towels and pajamas in it. Load dishwasher and run.
M-TH 230-830 PM. Pick up each child from their school. Bring them home and provide snack, homework direction. Take each child to respective activities and/or arrange playdates as available. Go to library, museums, parks, etc. This is a NO TV family. Make *dinner for the children and eat dinner with the children at 7PM. Clean up after dinner, empty dishwasher from morning. Load dirty dishes. Direct the children to shower, get in pajamas, etc.  Or go to park after dinner in spring/summer fall. If the children don't shower while I am there, I just leave out towels and clean pjs on their beds.
Friday:630-630. The same schedule, except one child gets out of school for a half day. They also asked if I would run 'geographically appropriate errands not less than one hour" on this day while the kids were in school. The only thing different with this day is that some Fridays I would have to pack the children for weekends away, but I think I have plenty of time to do what they asked and have some downtime before I pick up the child from school early.
*Meals are fresh fruits, vegetable with pre assembled Whole Food, Trader Joe's type meals.
They are paying an hourly rate on the books, coming to 40 hours. There would be some later nights, with advanced notice and overtime. I have never charged "overtime" before, so I am also curious about that. I think I am a shoo in for the job but I want to come back to them with a salary that is fair to both of us and reflects the immediate market.

We wanted to check in on the market rates with a survey. If you are an employer or nanny, please complete the following and send to
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Anonymous said...

I think they are asking for too many chores to do in the morning. My rule of thumb for EARLY morning care less then 3 hours: only clean up after selves.

Over time= wage times 1.5. Say you make $10/hour your OT would be $15/hour. Some states even say for Double time on the 7th day or any hour after 12 hours. You are entitled to OT, don't feel guilty. (I chose those rates as they are "easy" numbers)

Personally I charge an "hour" per split shift. Also you only have 10 hours between the time your off to the time you start again.... in my state that is legal; but still not enough time to unwind and sleep.

With your language skills and BA, I hope they are paying you well.

friend of bill w said...

$800 for the 40 hours.
This will cover the time in between of your split shift. What happens during summer or if a kid is sick? You are screwed! $20 per hour cash for any OT since you are paying taxes on the salary.