Best of I Saw Your Nanny . . . .

I Saw Your Nanny - Best Of
A Father's Experience with the Nanny Game
Greenwich Weekend Nanny up to No Good
Nanny's Plumbing Problem
Bench in Stuyvesant Square, NYC (Questionable hoho consumption)
Kuku (Nanny's Cash Pot)
Der Weinerschnitzel
Sugar in the raw, Manhattan, NY
Jacob's "Wormy"
Growling Nanny
Stolen Shrubbery

And you say?


Anonymous said...

Nannies plumbing problem:

I remember this post! It had some of the FUNNIEST comments EVER on this blog!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the laughs! Too funny, LOVE the Growling Nanny!

Anonymous said...

Some great picks here! LOL

Anonymous said...

I remember some of these and some of them are really funny. But some of them also illustrate how idiotic the people who read this blog can be! On what planet is returning to a store to get a receipt wrong? Whatever, lol.

Anonymous said...

11:52 I think you mis-read the post. She didn't go up to the lady who worked there, she went up to another customer.

MM said...

Mmmmmm, now I want some ho-hos.

Ellsworth said...

This is killer. You ought not have paused and lost your mojo