The Beef

I am a Mormon Nanny from Utah. I fly to NYC to interview with a family at the airport! Then I flew home. Two days later I was offered the job.

I fly back out. I was pretty sure I was going to get the job because they liked things about me like that I don't swear or drink or date recklessly, etc.

But I have been here for three months and I have what you New Yorkers would call a beef.

The kids are great. I have no problems with the kids.

I did agree to do light housekeeping. Unfortunately, for me, this has opened up the door to some things that I think are hypocritical.

The mom leaves me her lingerie to wash. It isn't basic, but is odd. One pair of underwear has no crotch and has a whistle hanging to it by a tie. I am too hand-wash those in the bathroom sink. I find it revolting.

I change the bedding. How little do you think of your nanny to have her strip your semen soaked sheets?

I pick up the laundry from the kids after they change because they never put it in the laundry basket. The reason is the mom, she leaves her laundry on the floor for me to pick up. This includes underwear with used maxi pads still attached or blood soaked underwear.

The bathroom garbage can has mini vodka bottles in it most mornings. (1-2) If I don't empty it, what happens if the two year old wanders in there and plays with them, drains them?

The wife also makes disparaging comments about her husband to me or inappropriate comments. For example, she called him a"fucking idiot" to his face and then looked to me and said, "I put up with it because he's hung like a horse."

Here is my question. Why did these people go out of their way to secure a Mormon nanny? She in particular seems to have no values whatsoever. She's a terribly, impatient and narcissistic mother.

I figured it out.

Wait for it.

I thought I was getting a great gig. Room and board and $450 CASH per week.

It wasn't the religion or the morals that they sought but the payrate.

I am really upset not just to find myself in this situation, but to find myself in a situation where the Jamaican nanny next door is making $850!

Rant? Rave? Bizarre situation? Email


Kate said...

Ummm... quit? It's not that hard. If the job and duties are abhorrent, leave. Apply for other positions, get hired and hand in your notice. People make things seem so dramatic. Job isn't working? Find another. Nanny jobs are easy to get in NY.

.... And I hope they paid for the airport interview (flight etc)

Anonymous said...

That also, but tell them you are uncomfortable with many things about the position. Tell them what you are willing to do, and other things they should hire a housekeeper for. Don't take shit from them. If you talk to them and they fire you over it, not only do you get unemployment (if you signed a contract and have taxed set up), but you have 30 more days to find a new family. If you are here alone, I can imagine it being a little bit overwhelming to deal with this.

My first priority would be talk with them first and then start searching.

Anonymous said...

And pay your taxes. It's illegal to work for cash. If you really want out, turn them into the IRS.

RBTC said...

get out - run away! get your family to come get you, you cannot stay there - let us know what happens

Anonymous said...

go back to Utah girl, this is way over your head and you know it- the only reason you are there is because you are cheap labour and that is how they see you.
They give a damn about mormonism or Buddhism, Jamaican girl outsmart you big time !

Anonymous said...

By the way it is a great post! funny as hell - you should become a writer ! hahaha