Fireable Offenses?

These are all small, but they add up.
Paint on dining room table, nail polish on kitchen tile, foot smudge marks on bedroom door from letting child kick the door, depletion of all diet Pepsi, cheese and deli meats, is in charge of laundry but the children's clothing smells like mildew because she leaves it sit all day in the washer. I have talked to her, she says she is busy and forgets. She doesn't know how to use the Diaper Genie.  She keeps using 409 on the granite kitchen counter and my child's ears are constantly dirty.

The last nanny I fired collected unemployment because I didn't handle the termination properly. I think I'm stuck with a lemon.

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Kate Feathers said...

Two lemon nannies. I would ask myself why I've hired two nannies that aren't good workers. The common denominator is you, so I would look at your choices, people reading skills and expectations. Are you hiring them through a service, online or what? Do you pay well? Are you respectful emotionally, behaviorally and with their time? Do you do extensive background checks, including at least two solid references? It sounds like the lemon is in your ability to find and hire good employees. I would look there before pointing any fingers.

Monika said...

Well, you need to do better!

Anonymous said...

Or maybe (if you haven't already) you should tell her what's bothering you. I don't understand why so many people have issues with communication. It's like it's a foreign concept. If you have to, write a list for her (some of the families I've worked for have done that in the beginning so I got used to a rhythm).

Or just screen better. Or both.

SexyandIknowIt said...

Just keep bugging her about the small things. Maybe she really does have bad memory and maybe she pretends. As a nanny I would often forget my charges hat for outdoor play. Finally I started making a list for what I pack in our going out bag. Not because I don't know what to take but bc I forget that ONE thing. Other times I just leave it in the stroller for the week. The point is she needs to switch up her routine. Remind her!!

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