I'm really upset right now. I have been working as a nanny for 3 years, 3 months for the same family. In the Fall, both of the children will be in school full time. My boss sent me an email detailing a revised job offer, effective the week of Labor Day. The language in it was so business like, there was no warmth of personal effect.
     She said that in essence, their needs will be changing. This is what they are looking for. All this time, I have been a full charge nanny for two children, working from 7-6 M, Friday, finally making $825. a week, cash, not even on the books. This isn't high for my area, it is average to low. I live out.
     What my boss wants now:
      Hours, 7-8 AM & 3-8PM.
      During that time, there will be four hours available for child housekeeping tasks, that you can do as it fits with your schedule.
     Hours 3-8 will consist of driving to activities, preparing dinner for the family, homework assistance and post dinner clean up. "The dishwasher may be ran and emptied the following morning, but on Fridays, all dishes will need to be cleaned and put away before you leave".
     During the 7-8 hours, I am to help the kids get breakfast, make their beds and start a load of laundry per day, towels or children's clothes "with the goal being that no laundry will remain for the weekend".
     She didn't even say THANK you for all I have done for the family. She said she "hopes I will stay on for the summer at full salary." Why wouldn't it be??  The insult to this job, which takes me 1/2 hour to commute to is that in addition to working two hours later, my salary is going down to $675 per week.
     Has anyone ever been through this before? I feel totally taken advantage of. All these years, I have gone above and beyond my job description, always. I've never taken a single vacation day that didn't align with their vacation plans and I've taken a total of three sick days. I've never been late.

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confused said...

It sounds like instead of making $15 an hour, you will now make $22.50 an hour. They may be cutting your hours, yes, but they raised your pay by quite a bit.

I can understand wanting appreciation, but other than that what exactly is the problem? You must have known your hours would have been cut if both kids would be in school, correct?

Anonymous said...

This is a dilemma that I'm not looking forward to. If you have a good nanny that works hard and you like, the change of end of employment must be very difficult.

Oh! THAT Nanny said...

You have three years of verifiable work experience with one family- which looks GREAT on a resume. If you can't afford the decrease in pay- let them know that you have loved the past 3 years but you have considered the new position and are unwilling to accept. Ask them if they would be willing to write you a letter of recommendation (and they are worth their salt as employers, they will!) and then start applying to new jobs.

trannynanny said...

I'm sorry. I must be dense. Their needs changed and you're what, offended? Children grow up, life goes on, needs change. Did you expect them to never send their kids to school so they wouldn't hurt your feelings?

You're lucky they offered this position to you even though it's no longer the same one it once was. Often, that is not the case. You can choose whether or not you want to stay. If you choose to leave, they can't fault you. Just as you shouldn't fault them for needing something else. They gave you a lot of notice. At least you won't be scrambling to find a new position.

Anonymous said...

I have been with my current family for 5 years. When the youngest (2 children) started school 2 mornings a week they added more on. I now wash the whole families clothes.(up to 12 loads a week), change kids bedding, vacuum when cleaners don't come, empty and reload 2 dishwashers etc. also take care of a diabetic child who was newly diagnosed. I make 800 a week and work over 50hrs. So yes the change may not make you happy but this is what happens when their needs change.

Anonymous said...

Oh and you still will be making more because mine is on the books.

Angi said...

Your attitude and prrspective is the problem here. You sound very self-centered and bitter without reason. This is life with children, to be expected in this field. They have given you a MORE than enough notice and appear to be lookin out for you. You really need to take a step back here. You are blowing this out of proportion.

angi said...

Also, you are concentrating on their lack of appreciation ....why? You aren't leaving yet, its not like they aren't see in you again nor is the time to express appreciation over. The future is unknown.

Lacy said...

She is wanting a 12 hour day here people, plus this nanny needs to make it to and from work, really a 14 hour day. Sure there is a 7 hour break mid day, but again look at her driving time, its a 5 hour break.

The family should have her come in 2 hours earlier, before the kids are out of school to do the "other"jobs. I would never do a 12 hour split day! I also refuse to do housework for before school jobs, and charge more. Her want for Friday dishes is ludicrous. I highly doubt they will do their weekend dishes or laundry!

OP you should re-negotiate, inform her how that schedule doesn't work for you. Negotiate something like:

**Morning Shift 7-9-- added an Hour now they can pay you more.
7-8am --get children ready for school and take to school
8-9am-- Start laundry and dishes
**Afternoon shift 1-6--- Still leaving at 6.
1-3pm-- Transfer Laundry. Unload dish washer. Start prepping Dinner. Fold/put away Laundry.
3-6pm-- Get children from school. Help with Homework. Take children to Activities. Cook the dinner that was prepped.
-----Family can put their own plate in the dishwasher!

IF they can't go with that, or you can't... Look for a new job!

Anonymous said...

I have an idea- how about you get another full-time job- this is probably NYC where you can find jobs paying $17-20/hr given your experience.

Anonymous said...

Well this is life!
children grow up, people do not need you anymore or as much as before and you have a choice - i will play nice stay if it is convenient for me, and if it is not C U!
its is a job - nothing more.

Me! said...

It ISN'T about being paid more OR that she doesn't understand that families' needs change. It's that she's being asked to do housekeeping- when she's NOT a housekeeper or maid- AND she's being asked to do a 12 hr SPLIT shift! Many nannies- myself included- do not do split shifts. It's exhausting, awkward and messes up your day. She'll be getting home later, more exhausted and frustrated! All of it for LESS money. OP, I strongly advise you to look for other work. The rates where you are are high. Find another family- with young enough children- who will pay well, offer benefits and give you the positive feedback that you need.

I do concur with the other nannies. Try to look at it like this: this is a job at the end of the day. Don't get caught up in your emotions. All of us have left jobs when they became unsatisfactory.

TheyCallMeRed said...

I have been a nanny for 10 years now. The first family I was with for 6 years. I stayed until their youngest was ready to go to school. When their youngest was old enough for school they offered me a split shift at a lesser pay. I found a new job and I've been with this family for 4 years. Moving on to a new family was good and I don't regret it for a minute. Being a nanny is a job where you aren't able to stay for forever. It's hard because you get attached to your charges, but it's life :-) I'm sorry it was so Impersonable, though. ThAt sucks. That's how it was with my first family. Move on to another family that will appreciate you. :-)

this_nick said...

In what other arena would anyone expect an employer to employ people for hours where no work was needed? A nanny position cannot last forever as is unless children stop aging. The employer has given plenty of notice of the change in what will be needed, and the nanny is reacting to this by explaining why it doesn't work for her. The employer isn't paying for a position that fits the nanny's needs, but those of the employer. Nannies - when you're moms, would you employ a nanny based on your family's needs, or the needs of your employee?

Situations change and if this one can't work for you anymore, it's time to find another. Don't resent a very fair employer for being honest with you about the changing position with plenty of time for you to find another. I think maybe the reality of having to part with people you've grown attached to is coloring your perspective here.

Hope it all works out for you!