This was found in my nanny's room:

This was found yesterday, Monday 5/4. This was the first day the housekeeper was back and cleaned the room following firing the nanny for what I called "not being a good fit". In reality, she made me uncomfortable. She had only been with us for a week.  I'm sensing now, this was a good call. Never ignore your instinct!


Anonymous said...

Always go with your instincts!!!

Alice said...

Maybe the nanny didn't appreciate you videotaping her without informing her of it?

Perhaps seek to hire not a live-in next time.

I'm really not sure why families think they HAVE TO HAVE a live-in nanny. If you HAVE TO HAVE that, maybe you should have abstained from children. Just sayin'.

word on the street said...

I think I have heard of this. It is from a militant nanny group that has nannies go in and photograph their bosss valuables, unmentionables, medicine cabinets. Then they blackmail them.

I wanna say the group is called NNP. They operate in the NY/NJ area and are run by Jamaican crime lords.

Heidi said...

Could not agree more with that second part. Having a nanny work anything more than 40 hours with the kids bothers me because that just means that they are never spending time with their own kids. If you can't handle 4 + hours alone with your child, you shouldn't have one.

dana richard said...
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this_nick said...

Certainly all parents work only 40-hour work weeks and no overtime, and they also teleport home, and they certainly never have multiples or special needs children or sick children or any children requiring extra care. Yep, parents who need a nanny for more than 40 hours in a week certainly suck.