West End & West 85th in NYC

Steven Wiltshire
VERY BAD Nanny Sighting !!! 
Where: I saw Your Nanny getting in to a cab in NYC on West End & West 85th.
When: Tues, 5/5
Description of Nanny: AA nanny with hair pulled tightly in the front and white beeds in back. No make up. Regular height and weight regular to thinnish. Wearing black converse low tops, hot pink skinny jeans, black blouse with very colorful print top underneath. Description of Child: blonde, 3-4 years old, shoulder length hair, headband with huge red bow. red blazer style jacket. Jeans.
What happened: The nanny was waiting for a cab for maybe five minutes max. She had her cell phone out and was doing something on the phone, and paying no mind to the girl who was twirling around and around. Very dangerously near the curb. I yelled, "HEY, WATCH HER" and she looked at me, glared and snatched the girl to her side so roughly. I stopped in my tracks to look at her to let her know I am seeing her. Then a cab pulls up. She shoved that little girl in the can so roughly, her feet were not even on the floor. When she got in on the seat, the nanny literally rolled her over. She was so rough, angry and not caring at all. Sad.  
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