The Bill

I am prepared to give this to my employers. Please let me know if you think it is fair.
Washing, drying and putting away dishes left from previous night = $5.00
Folding adult laundry left in the dryer = $5.00 (per load)
Cleaning kitty litter so that it does not smell = $5.00 per day
First floor windows, inside and out, $2.00 per
Cleaning children's bathroom on Monday when totally trashed, laundry, wet towels, toothpaste all over the sink, mirror water spotted. $15.00
Make "big salad" for dinner. Lots of vegetables to cut. $5.00
Trash and recyclables to the curb $2.00
Trash and recyclable bin back from the curb. $1.00
Dusting the living room (soft cloth and endust) $5.00
Washing load of hand washables, (bras, underwear, stockings) and hanging up to dry. $5.00
Stripping sheets off master bedroom, washing and remaking. $12.00
Cleaning earwax out of 8 year old's ear, (flushing with water, using plastic medical tool) $20.00
Cleaning out freezer or refrigerator (at client's request) $5.00 each
Organize linen closet, pantry or child's closet $10.00
Write thank you notes for child (in child like handwriting) following birthday, Christmas. $10.00


Nanny Layne said...

Wow petty much?
Yes some of these tasks aren't a nannys task, but to dollar and cent them seriously
Sit Down and talk about a raise or a change of duty And grow the hell up

Me! said...

I wouldn't give this bill to the parents but I also wouldn't do ANY of that! It's not your job! When will nannies learn that housekeeping/cleaning for adults is NOT part of a nannies job?!? If YOU are not opposed to doing those things ask for a flat fee or better yet the going rate for deep cleaning/laundry service in your area and charge that.

Anonymous said...

Some of these are fair. Some are extremely petty. Some within your job as a nanny. You sound like a petulant child. Grow up.

Smalltownnanny said...

I agree that some of these tasks fall into general housekeeping and you should be payed a flat rate to add on housekeeping jobs. But, some such as cleaning out the kids ear wax lol....come on lol. I know it's sp frustrating as a nanny to come in Monday morning and have no choice but to have to pick up and clean a little because it's so messy from the weekend and you can't do your daily routine with the mess, but I don't know that I would bill my bosses for wiping down a counter or picking up a bathroom. Many nanny contracts include cleaning up after the kids and the children's laundry. Once it crosses that line and you are just General cleaning and doing the adults laundry then yes you need to discuss getting paid more for a housekeeping job as well.

Beefcake said...

Love Anonymous the third post. How often do you look for places to use "petulant"


And hell no, I wouldn't do ANY of it.

angi said...

Agree with everyone else.... Did they even ASK you to clean up or did you do it because it annoyed you? I'm willing to believe the latter for much of it. If that's the case, you couldn't charge anyway. Remember, you're the nanny, not a housekeeper

nannyrobot said...

If you agreed to do it, you can't bill them after the fact. Also, you're a nanny. You can't bill them for child related tasks. If you don't want to do housework and it wasn't in your original job description, be up front with them. If you just want to be paid extra for it, don't itemize it. It seems petty. Charge a flat fee. Write a list of the tasks you are willing to complete each week for a flat weekly increase. Based off of your list, I suggest charging 75 per week and throw in cooking dinner 3x a week. Add on vacuuming once a week and more laundry and you can charge 100.

this_nick said...


I half think this is a hoax, but if not:

-take every child-related thing off the list.

-take every item you agreed to without requiring an agreement for additional pay at that time off the list

-take every item you took it upon yourself to do without first securing a promise of additional pay off the list

There - list complete!

TrannyNanny said...

Ahahahaha! This is hilarious. I'm sure this isn't real, but if it was, I would die laughing.