Should I stay or should I go?

     So I just got a nanny job in a new state because I was dying for a fresh start.

     I  haven't even been here a month and things have already hit the fan. I was told I would make $10/hour for four boys (crazy low, but I am live in.) But when I got here, I only got $150 for well over 15 hours of work. Now, she said since I got a part time job (which she encouraged me to do) that I'll make only $100 a week, which I had to negotiate! I'm super tired from work but am still expected to make dinner and clean the hour during my off hours. I'm only scheduled to work for her 6 days a week from 7pm-9pm, but here I am woken up by the kids at 9am because the mom and her boyfriend didn't want to deal with them! What do I do? I love not having to pay rent because I know Denver can get kinda pricey, but I can't stand obviously being taken advantage of!
 -Denver Damsel in Distress
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Lacy said...

I hope you have a contract. Show them any prof you have of the original agreement. You agreed to X hours for $150/week, not Y hours for the same amount; nor did you agree to the same hours for less pay. Don't work for the less then what you signed up for, your off time its your choice what you do with it.

Your Boss sounds like scum.

DanishNanny said...

Get out. Employers like that don't get better. I'm appalled that you actually had to negotiate for 100$ - what do they think you are?
Yeah, Denver may be pricey, but it sounds like you're gonna be paying with your patience and sanity for living there, which honestly isn't worth it.
If you have anywhere else to go, leave. It's not gonna get better.

Ashley said...

You should seriously consider leaving this job. If you do, in the future you should consider what you want in a nanny position, write up an agreement (make sure it's fair for both sides- nanny/parent relationships should be give and take), present it to the parents when you interview with them (two copies, both signed by nanny and parents) and negotiate from there. Good luck.