Nanny or Personal Assistant?

Hi, I have been working as a nanny for almost 5 years. I know a few personal assistants in the area and they do basically the same job I do, but get paid at least $5/hour more. My charges are now in school for the better part of the day and old enough that they don't need "nanny care" but they do need someone to keep their lives organized, get them to activities, etc. I am writing because I wanted to propose this to my boss in a way that proves beneficial to her. This is the note she left me today. She's a good employer. I think I could make her life easier. My hours now are from 7-6, M-F. I get the kids off to school and then I have one home at 1230 and two home at 3 & 330.  Has anyone ever made the bridge before? I am enclosing today's note because I think it shows that she would be receptive to it. I just want to make sure to politely articulate the pay difference. $16 an hour now and I would like to make at least $22.

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isynuserx7 said...

I was a nanny for a family for 1 year and my duties included caring for the 2 year old the older 2 were in school. At first, the 2 year old and I were able to do whatever we wanted-- museums, parks, play places, lunches, etc. It eventually became a time where the parents cut out our alone time to run errands for them.. picking up drycleaning, dropping off UPS boxes, picking up paint, etc. It was ridiculous! And they were still paying the
same. I would also have to do ALL of the laundry, clean the kitchen, organize the pantries/cabinets, go through their books, closets, etc., etc., etc. I absolutely would ask for more pay. I ended up returning to school full time, so I never fully made that bridge because I left, but before I made the option to return to school I absolutely was thinking about asking for more money. If you want to go ahead and send me your note, I would love to look it over and help you out!! I think parents take their nannies for granted and don't realize that they are there for the good of their CHILDREN and anything additional pertaining to household work or errand running deserves additional pay. Absolutely ask for more and make sure you let them know that you don't mind doing the work (if you don't mind) but it was not in your original agreement and that if they want more from you, you expect more pay.