Agressive Nanny at the Children's Museum of Manhattan

Location: Children's Museum of Manhattan
Date/Time: Weds. 3/18 at approx 4:45 PM
Description of Nanny: See photo
Incident: Your nanny there with your daughter   I was there with my 2 year old son. He accidentally bumped into a little girl (probably about 1 year old) and the nanny grabbed his shoulder and armpit and pushed him away and against a wall.  He cried out in pain.  I confronted the woman and she said a few words and then basically ran off away.  I wanted to circulate this story in the hopes of finding the mother of the child.  If it were me, and my nanny pushed or, let alone, touched another child aggressively, I would want to know. Please let me know if any of you recognize this woman.
*The author of this submission has provided an email address for the parents to contact her. 

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Corina said...

Wow! What a horrible woman. If she had no problem pushing your son. I can imagine how she is to the poor kid she watches, behind closed doors

Hope someone recognizes her