Westchester Mall Food Court in White Plains, NY

I thought I would share this Good Nanny Sighting with you! I was at the Westchester Mall in White Plains, NY on lunch break with my boyfriend. At the table next to us was a young woman, possibly from the Netherlands. She was blonde and had an unfamiliar accent. She had three children under 5 with her.

It was amazing watching how she choreographed getting each child the food that they wanted from a different food court location, while still keeping all the kids together and within reach.

Then, when she finally sat down, she has no food or drink in front of her. She goes about setting up catsup and drinks for the children and? After watching what like an athletic event, she starts spelling with the kids. Everytime she gets to the youngest child (about 2??) she says, "I" or "A". The way she encouraged the kids to cheer for each other, be patient and use manners was so impressive. The kids ate. Then she helped them pack up their trash and had each child take their own garbage, one by one. She was going to walk with the youngest but the oldest child asked to help. I don't know who you are, employer of this woman, but your kids are in the best hands! What a kind and positive demeanor. It was the calmest, coolest table in the whole food court.

Nanny: About 5'6", short blonde hair, attractive face,wearing blue jeans and an ITHACA sweatshirt.
Children" Boy, age 2, brown hair, brown corduroys jeans, white sweater, hiking boots. Boy, approximately 5, brown hair, blue jeans, same hiking boots as younger boy. Girl, approximate age 3, pony tails with red & white ribbons, red dress, red tights and red mary janes.
Stroller: Double stroller, blue with a brown and blue plaid pattern on the fabric.

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gigantic jackie said...

Its nice to see a good nanny sighting. I hope no one will claim it was self submitted. Lol. ROFL.

Nay The Nanny said...

Well written and made me smile. :) Thanks OP and wherever you are, thank you awesome nanny!

♥ Amy Darling ♥ said...

I hope lots of parents see this and realize that there are so many good nannies like this one out there.

Fantastic sighting.
You're right...These three children are in great hands!! ☺ ☺ ☺

rstlne said...

Some of us are great!

I hope her employers realize how lucky they are.