Music Class

Rebecca Nelson Lubin
guest column I love when my charges get old enough to attend their first real class. It’s usually just past the first birthday when the Mom Boss and I will begin to discuss the sudden urgent need for the baby to be “socialized” beyond the library story time and the side by side interaction at the local park. I like to begin with a music class. Me, I love music. I breathe music. I sing to the babies in the bath, while rocking them to sleep, and have my iPod mounted and plugged into my car stereo with a six CD changer on backup should we run out of song choices from the 5,000 or so at our disposal. Oh, and then there is the tape deck just in case the right song for carpool is actually the bootleg Grateful Dead tape from the fabulous second set of the Cornell ’77 show. You could say that I am a bit of an audiophile.

This December my Mom Boss and I sat down to talk classes for the Girl baby, who was just turning sixteen months. I would have loved to take her to my usual music class, the one I have been taking charges to for a good ten years – the one where the founder actually once mused that I might take over from her one day due to I think my gusto at repeated renditions of “Row Row Row Your Boat” since Bush junior’s first crack at the presidency. Sadly though, my go to class did not fit into our busy schedule - and more importantly – the schedules of her very busy older brothers – or her extremely regular nap schedule. So I went on the Internet and choose a class for us to attend completely based on timing and location. Big bad mistake.

I did not know the grave gaffe I had made for several weeks as Girl baby attended Music class with her Mother. It fell to me to take her four weeks in, and at first it was all good. We left our shoes at the door and sat in a circle with an assortment of grownups and toddlers. The teacher began the class by calling in her musical muses with sweet stokes of a bow across a well-trod violin. Then she laid the violin at her side…and barked at us. In melody. I swear. She nodded eagerly at the grownups and they barked back, off key. She smiled, and repeated the melody in meows. I looked around the circle and thought, “Are you freaking kidding me?” But no, they were not, meows sounded all around me. Quacks followed, then moos.

The teacher preceded the next number by announcing, “I trust everyone has memorized their CD’s by now,” and then launched into a song that had more words than “The Day The Music Died.”

For forty-five minutes we endured, with not an instrument in sight, not a drum to bang, not a song I recognized, not a recognizable toddler music class moment save for the movement with silk scarves montage that required actual chorography that brought forgotten scars bubbling to the surface, long buried from my 8th grade failure at ball room dancing. As the teacher launched into her goodbye song I felt parched and sweaty and longing for a thick peanut butter sandwich and a nap. I glanced around the room and judging from the expressions on the other adult’s faces felt a dim sense of reassurance that I was not the only one completely done in.

I sought out my Mom Boss once home and inquired,

“What did you think of Music Class?”

“It kind of sucked.” She conceded.
Rebecca Nelson Lubin is a writer and Nanny who resides in the San Francisco Bay Area. You may read more of her articles at
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Not a Fan of this piece.... said...

Rebecca, sorry but this was kinda boring to read. Please write about topics that are more interesting to us ISYN viewers. Stuff that will open a good discussion and get us all talking!

HungryCollegeStudent said...

I personally think it's really funny. Not every blog entry is meant to inspire dialogue, although other nannies could always chime in with funny stories, if they wanted to. Good job, Rebecca.

Who pee peed in your cheerios? said...

Is is me, or are people unnecessarily and needlessly harsh and hard on Rebecca? I know this site can be a bit notorious for "bullying" (for lack of a better word) contributers, but I find it a bit disconcerting to see it directed every week at a "regular" who has kindly decided to dedicate her time to this site. As far as I'm concerned Rebecca's "job" as a guest columnist is to entertain (she's not required to educate or inform, though she can do so as she sees fit). I personally enjoyed reading this article, and if you find it absolutely necessary to have topics of discussion spelled out for you than why don't you start a discussion on your experience(s) with music programs/classes or children's classes in general? I myself, was quite content to simply read her article and reflect on my own experiences with such programs.

Who pee peed in your cheerios:? said...

p.s: I too thought it was really funny, thanks for the laugh Rebecca!

Cloe said...

I agree that this piece wasn't very interesting to read. Who Pee' can't expect everyone to agree with everything you say. Some people will like this article, some won't. It's just how it is with every article, book, etc. that is ever written. You liked it, and the second poster didn't. Why call it "bullying" when it was clearly a stated opinion. No one is "bullying" the writer at all. Quit using the buzzword of the moment.

BipolarNanny said...

Cloe, you're right, you can't expect everyone to agree. We're all human, we all like different things, that is perfectly acceptable. But do you (or anyone else) really need to voice these negative opinions? What does hurting Rebecca's feelings accomplish? That's why pee-pee'd called it bullying, because it was unnecessary negativity.

Didn't your momma ever tell you if you can't say nothin' nice, don't say nothin' at all?

A Former Nanny said...

Memorizing a CD for a kids' music class?! Are you kidding me? I've attended music classes before, but never encountered that one. Music class (IMO) is more about giving the caregiver a break of sorts rather than a developmental necessity, so hell if I'm gonna memorize anything other than the time and place.

Kourtney K'shian said...

Bipolar Nanny:
No one is intending to hurt Rebecca's feelings here. No one has said anything negative about Rebecca as a person. A few people just do not like this particular article, that's it. Why are you blowing this out of proportion by using the buzzword of the moment? No one is bullying anybody here. Gee whiz. There is no personal attack going on here such as "Oh Rebecca is such a terrible writer, she has no talent, she is this or that, etc. ALL writers welcome constructive criticism and I am sure Rebecca is no different. Writers must have a thick skin since they know what they write will be critiqued by others.
You are trying to start a debate here Bipolar Nanny, instead you should take your meds and show some respect for others. Seroquel XR?!

Not a Fan of this Piece... said...

Even though I did not really like this particular article, I would like to read some more of Rebecca's work. I clicked on the link and got to a website, but could not find any of Rebecca's writings on it.
Is the link current?

Who pee peed in your cheerios? said...

Thanks BipolarNanny, that is exactly what I meant.

I'm honestly not attempting to be dramatic or overuse the word "bullying" (I know it gets thrown around a tad too readily now a days (especially online) but I honestly almost feel protective over Rebecca's work because every article I've seen her post on this site typically gets slammed hardcore (this one to a lesser degree than most of her others). As a fan of her writing, I'd hate to see her leave this site because of it. If you're unsure as to what I am referring to find your way back to her original article (written for this site), some of what people said to her was truly disgusting. It's fine to offer constructive criticism (and yes, any writer will receive it) and of course taste is subjective, I just can't fathom how we're adding anything to the supposed "discussion" we are supposed to be deriving from her "educational" pieces by nitpicking and stating over and over again that we don't like her work. I honestly believe that a lot of our society/culture (in America) is based around bringing others down (we see this a lot with the pleasure magazines and gossip columns take in watching celebrities "fall", for example) . . . just wanting to "play nice" and support a person who is volunteering their time for our entertainment. :)

With that being said, I am a huge advocate for free speech, so I'm not attempting to force my view point onto others . . . I guess I was simply surprised to see Rebecca getting thrown under the wheel yet again, and wondering what it ever adds to the discussion. I think there are a few people on this site who have just decided they don't like Rebecca and will not praise anything she writes due to this. And, yes, BipolarNanny's last sentence really sums it all up . . .

Natasha from Jacksonville, FL said...

Realistically, the world would be a very boring place if people only said nice things all the time. C'mom's a difference of opinion that sparks a healthy debate which we all love to not only read, but participate in. Controversy is what entertains us all.
As I read over the previous comments, I never saw a negative bullying comment regarding Rebecca as a person. Just a few people stated they did not like this particular article. It happens. I may read a book and not like Chapter Two. Or read a magazine cover to cover and not like the article on this or that.
I think it is wonderful that Rebecca is writing for this site and I hope that she is taking all the criticism in a constructive manner so she knows what ISYN readers want her to read about. I personally think something with a little more "kick" in it would be fun to read. Perhaps she can write about something controversial in the childcare area...under the table jobs, nanny shares, and/or methods of disciplining toddlers. Even spoiled kids and such and such. Then everyone can chime in with their unique opinions and a nice discussion can get going.

Rebecca Lubin said...

Hey Guys thanks for all the feedback!

Who peed - While yes, months ago, the comments were really harsh in the beginning - holy crap I too remember those nasty remarks on my first article for ISYN - now everyone is really cool and I appreciate hearing what you like and dislike. When you put something out there you have to have a thick skin as not everyone is going to resonate with what you have to say. I enjoy all feedback, the good, the bad and the ugly. But, many thanks Who Peed, for your kind words and support! And everyone - please feel free to tell me how you honestly feel about anything I write. You will not hurt my feelings but you might give me good feedback and assist me in writing pieces that will entertain you.

Not A Fan - to read any of my articles on ABOW you have to join the site. As I've been doing the weekly column for ISYN for awhile, there are much more pieces here. If you don't want to scroll back you can google my full name and links to previous ISYN columns will pop up. I'm sorry that you didn't like this piece! That music class was so horrible I couldn't resist writing about it.

Natasha - great ideas! Especially the being paid under the table. I know I've been there, and hated it!
That will make a good future column.

I will be late this week as I am traveling with my Nanny family and it's been an extremely busy week. However, I know the topic for my next column!
Aloha from Oahu!


can you write a article on Buju?

Rebecca Lubin said...

Ah...what is that???

Not a Fan of this Piece... said...

See guys?? I knew Rebecca would be okay with all the feedback. Again, as a needs to have a thick skin ALWAYS and be open to any form of constructive criticism. None of the comments were meant to hurt her feelings. ALL writers need to hear feedback in order to know what readers want to read about.
All of you who thought I was being mean and bullying Rebecca need to understand the writing profession in general.

Bostonnanny said...

For the record, I have not been on here for the past week.
Someone is using my moniker and it is not me!!!

Get a life! And a moniker!!!

Kourtney K'shian said...

Bostonnanny...this IS a public website and many people read it.
Boston is a large city and I know for a fact there is a HUGE nanny population there.
Did you ever think there just might be more than one nanny who works in Boston? Your moniker is pretty generic, if you had a unique one I would think someone was copying you.
Chill out.