What Benefits Should a Nanny Get?

opinion 1 I am currently searching for a new nanny position, and I have been disappointed with the benefits offered by most of the families I've interviewed with. I was wondering what kind of benefits y'all have, or what you offer to your nanny if you are a parent. I am only looking at on-the-books jobs, but would be interested in hearing what off-the-books nannies get in the way of benefits, as well. Thanks, guys!


Floor dweller said...

I'm on the books which isn't easy to find.
I get about 4 weeks paid vacation with
one of them being my choice. I also
get as many paid sick days as I need.
I also get all major holidays. That's about
It, hope it helps good luck in your search.

Liz said...

I am working off-the-books in Manhattan. I have no benefits. No paid vacation, no paid sick days. I get major holidays off but I dont get paid those days since I dont work.
When the family goes away on vacation I dont get paid either.

nenanny said...

In my opinion, they should get paid vacation, paid sick days, paid holidays and health insurance.

In reality (rural area) nannies get paid when they work and nothing else. They may get holidays off but they are unpaid. Also employers make it difficult for nannies to even take time off let alone get paid for it. I have not seen a decent nanny job advertised or through the only area agency for years.

rte66nanny said...

I get two weeks vacation (of my choosing) and any days they don't need me, I still get paid. I also get 5 sick days and all major holidays.

Beth said...

I work on the book and get 4 paid vacation/sick days (I work 4 days a week so essentially I have a week. In addition, I have 6 paid holidays (NY, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Christmas Eve I believe). When they go on vacation for a week in the summer, I will get paid. Every job definitely varies, it's neat to hear other perspectives!

nycmom said...

We give 2 weeks paid vacation, officially one of our choice, one of our nanny's. In reality, we work together to find 2 good weeks. Vacation must be taken and will not be paid out. I give 5 sick OR personal days, paid out if unused. My logic here, after years of trying to find the best solution is that *everyone* needs a vacation, whether they realize it or not. For the sick/personal I wanted to reward my great nannies who never actually used their sick days, give an incentive to plan for appointments, and not feel "pressure" to use up the sick days. We only do the 6 major holidays because I work many holidays. We pay for a monthly metrocard. We do not provide health insurance or cell phone, but would be open to considering these if asked.

I'm not sure what else counts as a "benefit" vs a standard part of employment. We have open fridge poicy and encourage our nanny to include anything she wants. We are fine with our nanny bringing her elementary-aged daughter to work if sick or on days off school (different school schedule to my kids). We give a $20 late night bonus if our nanny or sitter works past 10pm. Picked this amount because most everyone just pockets the money and takes the subway so this seems a fair compromise. Picked the time because I routinely get home at 9:15-9:30pm at night and can't budget for nightly cab fare. With current and past long-term nanny, we have done extensive schedule adjustments to allow them to take various classes in they day and flex hours.

Atlanta Nanny said...

I receive:

-15 days of PTO to be used at my discretion for vacation, personal days, or sick days.

-9 paid holidays (New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, the Friday after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Year's Eve).

-I am paid if the family travels and does not need me to work, which is about 3 weeks per year.

-50% of my health insurance.

-Mileage reimbursement for using my vehicle to transport the children.

-Since I have to have a business auto policy, they pay the difference between what I would I would be paying for just a personal auto policy.

nanny in pgh said...

I am a fill time nanny in Pittsburgh, PA
I am paid on a salary of 18.00 take home with that all on the books.
I am given 2 weeks of vacation, 1 week of sick time and am paid my full salary if the family travels or calls me off.
The family provides a vehicle and covers expenses.

The most important benefit...they treat me with kindness and respect. I declined a job making 100 more a week because I like them so much. They also give me gifts for all kind of holidays-Easter, Valentines Day, my birthday etc and that makes me feel so appreciated.

I have my degree in education and 7 years experience with the first family I nannied for.

I am getting ready to request they do half of my lieu of a yearly raise. Thats about 212 a month.

Manhattan Nanny said...

I am on the books. 2 weeks vacation, five sick/personal days, major holidays, 1/2 my health insurance. That is what is in my contract. I actually get a lot more vacation time because they travel with the children during school breaks without me. I have rarely used my sick days, and they are not paid out, but because I get so much extra time off I feel that is more than fair.
I did not get health insurance until I had been with the family for a couple of years. I wouldn't expect it the first year with a new family.
Make sure you get a written contract, and I hope you find a wonderful family!

Anonymous said...

I'm in the same boat as Liz. I love the family for other reasons, but I am looking for a new job, too, OP. The market is rough, but something will turn up. I'm not giving up on what I'm looking for in my next job. I don't want to get stuck again. Good luck to you OP, and Liz-I hope you also find something better and more reliable!

Nanny of Boys said...

I am on the books, but I get zero paid sick days, zero paid vacation days, zero paid holidays, and no pay when the family cancels or travels (which is fairly regularly). They treat me like a slave and I get zero respect. Why did it take me three years to quit?! I gave notice not too long ago and am now awkwardly finishing my final weeks for them.

Shelley (yup that's my real name guys!!) said...

I think getting paid under the table would be considered a benefit in itself. I know many people who are on welfare or Social Security, some even on Section 8 housing programs who work under the table babysitting and cleaning houses. They do not have to report their income to the proper authorities and thus don't lose their government aid. As a tax paying citizen it kinda irks me, but I understand in this tight economy people are so desperate to just survive. Most of these people are working under the table just to feed their babies. When you are on welfare or Social Security and you work and report your earnings, they cut your checks BIG TIME. It's like taking two steps forward and one step back for some.

Bostonnanny said...

I work 46 hours a week under the table for $20 in nannyshare with 2 children. My benefits include Unlimited paid sick days, 4 paid personal days, all paid federal holidays, 3 weeks paid vacation,4th week unpaid but any extra vacations taken are paid in full, mbta monthly train pass and I get to take the children anywhere I want and nap during the day.

I do not recieve:
Health insurance
Food (I must pack my own)
Cell phone
Raises or bonus

Overall I have an awesome deal with decent, kind and extremely laid-back families. They are willing to work the schedule around my classes and let me leave early with pay if I have appts or school work. I only wish they would provide health insurance, gas/mileage and pay be on the books but this was the best deal I could find and this job is long term( at least 5years, with two years left). I will ask next year for a raise.

Rebecca said...

Boston nanny, your job sounds pretty good. The fact that you can still go to school, take the kids anywhere plus nap on the job is great.
Kudos to you...everyone should be so lucky to have a good job like you.
Not many under the table jobs offer paid holidays/sick days, that is a huge plus.

Always at work nanny said...

I get paid on the books, full health care, 4 weeks paid vacation, double time for major holidays (because I always have to work them, apart from Xmas), plus any sick days I need, though I've only ever had one.

I am meant to work 50 hours a week but always do more (for which I get paid a higher rate). I always travel with the family and get paid extra per night. With everything included, I make approximately $120K a year, but I can be at work from 8am til 11pm and can be away from home for 3 weeks at a time. Oh, and the parents don't work....

Wisconanny said...

I'm on the books. Salary of 800/wk ($20/hr cash over 45hrs per week,) plus $200/mo stipend for medical & dental insurance, 3 weeks vacation-- two weeks their choice, one mine and mileage reimbursement. Oh, and they buy my food! (Does that count?)

It took me 8 years to find a family who actually WANT to pay me, offer me benefits, etc... It makes me appreciate my job so much more, knowing that I am appreciated!

NannyAnnty said...

I get paid salary on the books and off. 600/wk is taxed and given bi-weekly in a pay check. Then I get 100/wk in cash. After 40 hours worked weekly I get $20 and hour in cash under the table.

I get two weeks paid time off of my choosing. If the family chooses to travel at another time that is not my choosing I am still paid for.

I get paid sick days as needed, and work around appointments scheduled during work days ( so I may often work before and after and appointment, or late if I come in after).

I was getting 100% of my health care covered until I got married and transfered to my husbands insurance.

I only get New Years and Thanksgiving off as parents work regardless, ( parents and I are both Jewish so neither of us worry about XMAS)

I do get paid for gas used, they buy me food and meals for their home. ( and Dad owns popular city restaurants so I get great gift certificates to go out)

I do house work and home management as well as child care.

I can take children out to walking destinations as I like, but any driving trips need parental approval.

Skyler orielly said...
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Anonymous said...

I work 40 hours @$680 weekly on the books taking home $532.56 weekly for two kids...and its always a problem when I ask for a personal day off

Anonymous said...

Think you should leave that job
Because you were giving a schedule to work for them and if they choose to go anywhere they definitely have to pay you.
Because you will be waiting for them and hold u up at the same time.

Anonymous said...

Goodluck to you because there are some wonderful families out there to appreciate you.

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