Saturday, March 20, 2010

.... WHAT?!

1) Part Time Nanny (D.C.)
Looking for an experience part-time nanny to care for my child in my home. The ideal applicant must be certified in CPR and First Aide, have 5+ years of experience, have 4 professional references, must be willing to travel, and have a flexible schedule. Extensive background check, drug testing, and personality testing required. My expectations are extremely high, if you meet the above qualifications and love children send your resume via e-mail.
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it's sad said...

Parents who say that they do not want their nanny "repeatedly calling in sick:" from my experience, you are the type of parent who NEVER wants your nanny to call in sick. And that says that you do not care if your child gets sick. You want a nanny to never call in because your job is more important to you than your child.

CuriousDad said...

It is sad;
While you have a point, it also could be someone who has experienced an employee who used "Sick Days" for a mini vacation/day off constantly.

I have noticed there are a few workers who have just never broken the habit of using their sick days for an extra weekday off. They generally end up being hurt when they have a real sickness to deal with.

That said them putting that in the ad will put off even those who would not use sick days.

Village said...

Hey #1. Your high expectations include, by my count, four grammatical errors. Just sayin'. The poster either was poorly schooled, or English is a second language, and the poster is not fluent.

That's the problem with being highly demanding; all your faults just stand out like a huge zit.

Village said...

#27-14 hours a day at $4 is $56 a day. For a five day week, that is $280, and the poster is offering over $200 a month?!?!?!?

How does the poster figure out her tips?

Did I miss something?

kellygirl said...

I think this has been discussed before, but there seems to be alot of entries from the Norfolk area with the majority of them being military families. Sadly those who serve our country do not receive a great deal in pay to do what they do. The least that can be done for them is to be provided with some sort of decent childcare for their families.

MissMannah said...

I thought military bases did provide on-site childcare? Or maybe I'm clueless, who knows.

There seemed to be a lot of "please be reliable, we've lost a lot of sitters" kind of ads this week. Do I really need to say it? Well Duh! Trolling around on craigslist isn't the best way to find quality childcare! It is, however, a great way to find someone who is looking to make a quick buck who doesn't actually care about watching your kids!

CuriousDad said...

Miss Mannah
Military bases do not provide child care. They MAY have facilities on the base run by civilians that can provide child care, for a fee. But it would be exactly like a run of the mill day care you get out in town. Or may be a Co-op run by the wives/husbands of the military memebers.

However, Norfolk Naval base is HUGE and most of the people stationed in (or out of) Norfolk wiht familes do not live on the base. There is just not enough military housing to go around. As such they live out in the city itself and in the surrounding areas. They have to rely on the same facilities civilians do.

From someone who was a Navy brat and served in the Navy. Stationed out of Norfolk no less. I never saw a day care center, even over seas. Though there was a nursery school when I was 4 in the Philippines.

MissMannah said...

Thanks for clearing that up for me. I think I heard about a co-op on a base where my friend and her family was living.

Anyway, I would assume that most of these people would qualify for government childcare subsidies. I think they could easily find a quality daycare, not insist on underpaying a nanny.

Clover said...

I don't see anything wrong with #1. So she has some errors, who doesn't make errors occasionally? It just happens. She seems like someone who wants a good nanny... seems like she is doing everything that everyone says parents should do. Drug tests, background tests... Am I missing it?

MaryPoppin'Pills said...

She does seem to be asking for a lot... but yes, a good Nanny would consider that normal. I guess what threw me off was the request for a personality test. WTF, is she serious? The first thing that came to mind was: is she going to use the Jung-Myers-Briggs for this? To me, it was silly.

Phoenix said...

If #28 was my mom.... I would run away

CuriousDad said...


The Myers-Briggs and the Strengths Test are used quite often in many work places. Borders (a major chain bookstore around here) and a few other employers use them or something similiar. I could see parents who have experienced or used it at their work place carrying it over to their home employee.

While niether will tell you whether you have a qualified or decent worker. What they will tell you is some of the tendencies for that worker.
Myers Briggs could be used if you think an Extrovert would be better then a Introvert as an employee.
The Strengths test could be used if you have certain "strengths" you want in an employee to have as their top five strengths. To be "action" oriented (do not leave things to get done at the last minute", "self driven", learner and so forth.

MaryPoppin'Pills said...

Curious Dad,
I am quite familiar with the test and it's use by some Corporations... I was being facetious. ;-)

PInkJulia said...

i think the nanny applying for #1 should get a personality test done on the FAMILY. why does it have to be one-way? get their backgrounds checked too.