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Sunday, March 21, 2010
Baby boys who have a nanny 'turn into womanisers':
Employing a nanny to look after your baby son could turn him into serial womaniser, claims a psychiatrist. In the book The Unsolicited Gift, Dr Dennis Friedman said delegating child-rearing responsibilities too soon risks equipping your son with life-long double standards when it comes to women. Baby girls are also not immune, he claims. If they have a nanny or au pair they are filled with a "vacuum of need" inside them which they fill in a variety of ways such as drink, drugs, sex or money. (Oh please!)

Babysitter, Muncie IN church sued for wrongful death of 4-month-old infant
A wrongful death lawsuit was filed against a babysitter in connection with the death of an infant on Monday March 15, 2010. An area church was also named in the lawsuit after the pastor allegedly referred the babysitter to the deceased infant’s parents and failing to notify them that another infant died under her care less than three months prior to the death of their own baby, according to information provided by

Babysitter gets jail time in neglect case
A town of Maine babysitter who violated the trust of parents when she left children home alone twice last spring will spend 7 months in jail. (Shouldn't these babysitter's names go into a national data base?)

Two children found alone, crying after babysitter's mom took teen home
Two children, ages 1 and 2, were found alone and crying with the front door of their home wide open after 5 p.m. Tuesday near Russell and Martin Luther King avenues. The parents, who were at work at the time, told police they left their son and daughter with a 16-year-old babysitter they had known for two days and did not know her name, according to police reports.The babysitter's mother called dispatchers to tell them she had taken her daughter from the home because she was a runaway, according to the report. (So, the total count is three very bad parents and three unfortunate children)

A Petersburg babysitter has been charged with child neglect in last week's death of a 7-month-old girl in her care, police said...

Nanny free despite baby kill threat
A BABYSITTER who bashed and sexually abused toddlers - and then warned she would kill a baby - is free to live unsupervised in the community despite a judge's fears she will reoffend.
(Do the have laws in Australia?)

Babysitter allows 15-year-old to drive to McDonalds ...


Refusing to get out of bed said...

1. Dennis Friedman obviously doesn't realize that permanent memory doesn't kick in until around 12 months, so this note about waiting until after the baby's first birthday is complete nonsense. Never mind I must ask, what if the nanny is male? Mr. Friedman is a wind bag and nothing more.

2. SIDS is one of those things you've got to be careful about. It is a tragedy that happens to a lot of good people. That said, it doesn't look like this is one of those cases. She is lying about where she was, and the church is trying to sever links in a strange way. There is something very fishy here.

3. Good and I agree with Jane, any time someone goes to jail for neglecting a child, this should be recorded in a national database to make it easy for care sites to block people like her. On the other hand, this should show up on a full background check regardless. So to me this is another argument for always doing a background check.

4. The 1 and 2-year-old's parents were at fault, as well as the 16-year-old's mother, but I don't believe the 16-year-old's status as a runaway alleviates her of the responsibility of leaving the children alone. Her mother may have come for her, but unless she was literally dragged from the home, she should have made some attempt to contact the parents.

5. I will never comprehend how anyone can harm a child or through inaction allow harm to come to a child in their care.

6. Like any other physical or sexual child abuser, she ought to be locked up and the key thrown away. What's this nonsense about suppressing her name?

Refusing to get out of bed said...

7. "The 9-year-old was the only other person in the car" is the damning part. Who lets an unlicensed 15-year-old drive without an adult in the car? The 21-year-old deserves jail time for this.

Village said...

#1 Of course it's a man.

Off topic. Once I was sharing symptoms with my OB/GYM. He said the only reason he believed me was because his wife had shared the same symptoms with him three weeks before.

I immediately changed to a female OB/GYM.

CuriousDad said...

Refusing to get out of bed:
I will have to disagree on #4. If a parent of even a 16 year old comes along as is overbearing and pushy enough. Plus tells her that we will just call the police and let them know, so the children are not really abandoned. They probably will comply. It is a rare kid, and 16 is still a kid, that can stand up enough to their parents in a situation like that, especially when they are already in trouble with said parent.

dadiswrongonthisone said...

have to agree with Dad on # 4.

MissMannah said...

I'd have to agree with Dad, too. I place the blame on all the adults involved, not the children. 16 years old is still a child, no matter what they think.

Phoenix said...

Bwahhhhahhhhahhhaaaaa. UGGGGHH. Hahahhhhaaa. Hack. Haaaahaaaa.

You know what, your son won't grow up to be that way if you'd raise em right. Teach your son the value of a good woman, then they will understand.

One has absolutely nothing to do with the other.

OMG I'm laughing so hard I'm crying. THis must be the same idiot physho therapsist who said yelling is the new spanking

Refusing to get out of bed said...

CuriousDad and MissMannah,

I would reiterate that the parents were at fault, including the mother of the 16-year-old. However, your willingness to free the 16-year-old of responsibility is wrong. She may still be a child, but she is also almost an adult and should be held to a higher standard. If that isn't true, than no 16-year-old should ever be allowed to babysit under any circumstances whatsoever. The whole point of my comment was that she shared some responsibility for her inaction, some not all - most fall on the parents involved. If you are not attempting to alleviate her responsibility, than what use is your commenting? Please review what you've said and ask yourself if you really read what I said in your rush to comment. Thank you.

cali mom said...

Speakinng of frying sickos and showing it on youtube, here's another candidate:

BTW, why does the recent comments area always show up blank?