Saturday, February 6, 2010

.... WHAT?!

1) Looking for a live in Nanny (only) (ready to move in asap) (Colorado)
Hello, I am looking for someone to help me care for my 3 children. They are 4 years 2 years and 4 months. It is needed for monday thr friday from 4:30 am till 3:30pm, I will be at home sleeping. Most of the time. I work third shift and sleep during the day. My husband gets home about 3:30 4:00 everyday except weekends. You will be responible for keeping them somewhat quite during the day and getting them ready for kindigarden, doing prodgects with them. I only allow them to watch tv for in hour a day, and that is to watch there baby can read program. There is a park right down the road that you are welcome to take them too. There will be some nights on the weekends where I would like to go out to dinner with my husband. That would most likely only be like maybe once a month.

You will also be responsible for makeing them Lunch and brecfest, I do have them on a sceduale that I will want you to follow. They all still go down for naps. I would also expect you to pick up after the kids and keep up with there Laundry.

**You would be sharing a room with my 4 month old daughter, You are welcome to bring a pet or 2 if you already have one, we are a pet friendly home. Room and bored will be provided. We do not have a extra car for you to use at the moment, so you will have to have your own for now. The room, already has a bed in there but if you would like to bring your own you are welcome to, you will have your own closet to use, you also have a bathroom you will need to share with the kids because it has a tub in it. We have another half bathroom down stairs in the family room, and one in our bedroom that has a shower. We have the enternet and cable you are welcome to use anytime.

We are a very loving family, we will do everything in our power to make you feel comportable in our home. We would like this to atleast work out for a year or more. We are a very easy going family, times are tough and we really need work. We will start you off by paying you 350.00 a month Plus room and board. We would like to find someone by monday...
Please feel free to call us or email us animal-lover86@**** or addonnis1@****
Cell number 262-995-**** or call our home number 719-591-**** Ask for Sarah or Mike
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About the author said...

Anyone else notice a lot from Seattle?
The feature just cracked me up because she couldn't convince me she was serious when she couldn't even spell breakfast and projects and other simple words. I understand not everyone was the best in school but it's called spell check!
Anyone else suspicious about the posting for the rich family? Just seemed a little poorly written overall. All caps and a lot of misspellings.
#12, I agree with the response on #13 mostly. I wouldn't say it's judgmental so much as it's just unnecessary to list information like that. That's after taking into account the horrid grammar, spelling and lack of knowledge about the babysitter's age and rates...
#14-Why do you need someone to cover your shift while you're in the ER and how are you posting from the ER? You must not be in that much of a bad time if you're able to post on Craigslist. Why can't you just call off for a day?
#25- $800 a month to drop off the kids at school, pick them up and watch them until you get home? I see there's a 2 year old but it doesn't say about actually caring for him. Assuming the nanny is dropping off at kindergarten and daycare it doesn't seem like bad pay.

These were great this week!!

good god said...

number one: OP, how do you expect the nanny to afford a car on the pay you are giving her? insurance? she will be driving your children, one an infant, around in her car??? no gas money? sleeping in the same room as the newborn?

someone needs to send you a link to this blog so you can see how insane you are.

urcrazy said...

#2: how is the nanny supposed to be someone who your child can trust and yet you are willing to try someone out you will not trust?

you sound crazy.

lahhey said...

this lady is stating less than min wage wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nc said...

#1 will have you working longer than those hours, as I think the nanny will be the one to get up with the child during the night, as she will be in the same room as the child. Doesn't sound like much fun to me.

Lindsey said...

I can't believe #2. It made me so furious. So I wrote her an email. I'll let you know if she writes back.

At first your ad seems honest, then you go on to insult everyone by starting the bidding at $300? Someone told you that? Really, that they would work 11 hours a day for $4.54 an hour? Would you do your job for that little pay? Hell your job doesn't even require you to have someones life in your hands. So for 66 hours (min) a week you want someone to except $300? I am only asking because I am truly interested in if you know how absurd that is. Those are slave wages. This is your child, and you want to leave with him someone who is willing to take less then they pay at McDonald's? You know that old saying that you get what you pay for? Have you read all those stories of the overworked underpaid people who shook a baby to death, or who are on trial for giving a baby brain damage? Have you talked to the parents who regret paying their nannies $25 a day because their baby is now in a hospital with no brain function, a feeding tube, breathing tube and IV's every where? Probably not as you are being ridiculous if you think you can get a qualified, responsible person to care for your baby. Seriously step back and re-evaluate this situation. It's your child's life on the line.


Mother of 3

agreed! said...

very well said, lindsey! good for you!

not impressed said...

Actually, I got the sense (by reading between the lines) that #2 was actually looking for a home daycare, as it talks about drop-off and pick-up needing to be close. $300 per week for home daycare is actually a more reasonable rate- the trouble would be finding someone who would accommodate those hours, which you might have to pay more for (I think standard home daycare hours would be about 10 hrs/day, 5 days a week).
And I guess I'm just feeling argumentative, but #13 bothered me. #12 was merely giving a description of the caregiver, not drawing conclusions about her abilities based on her appearance. To me, #13 came off as somebody so concerned about being PC that race can not even be mentioned. Are there other details that would be more important in actually attracting business? Of course, but the ad was so poorly written to begin with that I don't think that one description really could make or break it.
Finally, while #7 is different, I don't see any wtf about the ad or the job. It sounds like a job I would like.

HappyNanny said...

I sent #1 an email to let her know how unreasonable she is. She gladly let me know that they actually found a nanny who is more than happy making $1.75... I call BS! I told her- for her child's sake, get a background check!

MissMannah said...

Not Impressed...I wondered that too, about #2 but I really don't think so. I think she's looking for a one-on-one sitter who will work out of her own home. The ad doesn't say anything that would pertain to a home daycare (policies, discipline, curriculum, etc), all it says is that she will be dropping the baby off and picking him up. Most home daycares won't allow a child for 11 hours a day, including Saturdays. The part that really made me raise my eyebrows was when she said that the 6-month-old baby likes to lie on the floor and watch movies. I'm actually kind of tempted to email this woman and find out exactly how low her expectations for childcare really are!

nannyneedsanap said...

Number 1, I have to agree with you on one thing. You do need your nanny to get your children ready for "kindigarden" because obviously, you cannot. Good luck with that one.

Jane Doe said...


Lindsey said...

She wrote me back and this is what she said, "Just letting you know that I am replying, and then proceeding to delete your email without reading one word of it."

I know she read it though, who reply's to an email without even reading it? I guess the truth hurts!

Lola said...

Lindsay, I believe you meant "replies."

pantiesinabunch? said...


Carol said...

$87 dollars a week is an excellent salary. For 1960. no car but maybe a time machine?