South End Library, Boston MA.

Received Tuesday, February 9, 2010
112009 sad face
Physical description of caregiver: Blonde hair with roots, straggly hair, white, greenish pale complexion. Looked extremely hung over and was wearing blue "pink" pants from victoria's secret and a sweatshirt. She looked exhausted and drained of all energy.
Physical description of involved child/children: 2 children: Audrey (about 3) very smart and shy, and Anali (about 3 months).
Address or venue of observed incident: South End Library, Boston MA.
Date and time of incident: 2/8/10 around 10:30-11:00 am.
Detailed description of what you witnessed: The baby was sleeping in the bottom of the stroller, and a bunch of nannies and our charges were sitting coloring and playing with dominos at the table. Audrey was by herself while her nanny was across the room talking on the phone to someone about how hungover she was and how she didn't even know what time she had gotten home. I asked Audrey if that was her nanny and she said yes and that her mommy and daddy were at work. I proceeded to talk to her and engage her in the activities that all the other children were participating in and her nanny didn't pay any attention at all. She was very pleased to be talking to someone and seemed somewhat relieved to be with us. A few minutes later the nanny had to get off the phone because the baby woke up. She held her loosely and fed her a bottle and didn't even search to make sure Audrey was in her sight. When Audrey went up to her nanny she casually booted her (not hard) and tried to distract her by pointing in another direction and asked her "What's that?" Then she just bounced the baby off her lap. We then invited Audrey to come play with us some more. It was extremely sad and I am sorry to have to post my first bad nanny sighting.
Description of vehicle, bag, stroller that may aid in identifying involved caregiver: Stroller with a place for baby in the bottom. Lots of pink.


wake up call! said...

1. What is "booted?" did the nanny kick the child? Push her with her foot? Please clarify.

2. This is a great siting, OP. Main reason being that nanny was hung over. I hope the parents see this: going to work hung over because you were partying on a work night, in my estimation, is as irresponsible as going to work drunk. No excuse for it. This nanny needs a wake up call, and a grow up call!

Nanny on call said...

I agree with Wake Up Call. Being hungover while working with children can be darn right dangerous. Your reflexes are slowed and you obviously can't give the children the care they deserve.
I really hope the mother sees this and act quickly. Great sighting and great details!

AlgebraMissDee said...

Roots? Oh God no! Can someone please get the nanny to a salon asap?

Greenish complexion? Did the nanny swallow Gumby?

I wasn't aware that one can turn green when hungover. Unless of course they woke up in Oscar's grabage can.

I confess, I have been to work hungover before. This was back when I worked retail. Since I have worked in childcare, I NEVER go to work hungover, because that is just ignorant and unprofessional. Being out with friends and coming in late (not too late) is one thing, being out all night partying and admitting that you don't remember what time you got home along with a hangover is another. Going out with friends and being responsible says that you like to have fun with your friends outside of work as part of a healthy, normal life. Being hungover and working with small children says that this is just a job and that your life is more important then the children.

Being hungover is the same as sleeping on the job-imagine had OP and the other nannies not been with this "parkbench party" nanny and nanny had fallen alseep.

About the author said...

AlgebraMissDee: Your Gumby/Oscar comments had my laughing so hard I spooked the baby I'm pregnant with! I've scared him before by hard sneezes but this was the first laughing fit that got him kicking! You made my night :)

Also, MODS!! There's been a decent amount of spam on here lately. Any way to curb that? I read the one on the DSI memory and was lost until I realized it's spam.

This was a great sighting. I've gone to work hungover once and I was lucky it was only a Saturday morning shift. I oozed into bed at noon and slept the ickies away. Never did it when I was in childcare and never got that drunk after becoming a mom. Just not worth it to me.

MissDee said...

JustMe: Glad I made your night. I was trying to get a visual pic of said nanny in my head. Gumby and Oscar came to mind.

benedryl for all! said...

I don't know why she would bother taking the kids out. She should have just stayed home and given them benedryl to keep them quiet.

Andrea said...

I posted this sighting & I have to say it was an awful sight to see! She was greenish because she looked nauseas and sick. She was just feeding this tiny baby while on the phone complaining of being hungover and ignoring the other child she was supposed to be caring for! And when I said booted i did mean a swift but light little kick in the butt. :(

About the author said...

Yeah I think I can't figure out why she didn't just stay home. I never wouldn't gone to work hungover but even if there was just a day where I wasn't feeling my best but not horrible enough to call out I'd more likely plan a day of quiet stuff at home.
Maybe a quiet art project or a movie. If all the kids nap at the same time maybe a rest on the couch. There's no reason to go out if one isn't feeling good, for any reason.
If the parents were insistent on having an outing because there was an event going on the library I would still probably mention I'm not feeling great and can we just stay home today? I'm sure they'd either understand or just tell you to stay home and get better.
And why be on the phone admitting you're hungover.....?