February 4, 2010

How to Speak Nanny....
THE mother was annoyed with her nanny, and she went on the Web to vent. The nanny had fed the children a casserole that the mother had intended to serve for dinner. “Now I have to come up with something else,” she wrote on a popular site for mothers, exasperation radiating from the computer screen.

Nanny Dawn Myers used to think of her job as a “short-term gig, lasting maybe a year or two, tops.’’ But these days, the 26 year-old from Chelmsford is holding on tight, well into year two. “Three to five years ago, you could blink and get a job,’’ said Susanne Vigneau, owner of North Andover-based Annie’s Nannies, which places full- and part-time nannies for fees ranging from $600 to $2,500. “There used to be bidding wars. Now nannies are lucky to have a job that’s 15 hours a week.’’

Babysitter Get 10 Years For Shaking 10 Month-Old
Baby sitter arrested on charges she lied to police
Babysitter sent to prison for killing nine month old boy

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And in other news for those living under rocks or just waking from a 100 year sleep, the economy is sucking and unemployment is up.