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.... WHAT?!

1) Looking for a live in Nanny (only) (ready to move in asap) (Colorado)
Hello, I am looking for someone to help me care for my 3 children. They are 4 years 2 years and 4 months. It is needed for monday thr friday from 4:30 am till 3:30pm, I will be at home sleeping. Most of the time. I work third shift and sleep during the day. My husband gets home about 3:30 4:00 everyday except weekends. You will be responible for keeping them somewhat quite during the day and getting them ready for kindigarden, doing prodgects with them. I only allow them to watch tv for in hour a day, and that is to watch there baby can read program. There is a park right down the road that you are welcome to take them too. There will be some nights on the weekends where I would like to go out to dinner with my husband. That would most likely only be like maybe once a month.

You will also be responsible for makeing them Lunch and brecfest, I do have them on a sceduale that I will want you to follow. They all still go down for naps. I would also expect you to pick up after the kids and keep up with there Laundry.

**You would be sharing a room with my 4 month old daughter, You are welcome to bring a pet or 2 if you already have one, we are a pet friendly home. Room and bored will be provided. We do not have a extra car for you to use at the moment, so you will have to have your own for now. The room, already has a bed in there but if you would like to bring your own you are welcome to, you will have your own closet to use, you also have a bathroom you will need to share with the kids because it has a tub in it. We have another half bathroom down stairs in the family room, and one in our bedroom that has a shower. We have the enternet and cable you are welcome to use anytime.

We are a very loving family, we will do everything in our power to make you feel comportable in our home. We would like this to atleast work out for a year or more. We are a very easy going family, times are tough and we really need work. We will start you off by paying you 350.00 a month Plus room and board. We would like to find someone by monday...
Please feel free to call us or email us animal-lover86@**** or addonnis1@****
Cell number 262-995-**** or call our home number 719-591-**** Ask for Sarah or Mike
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2) Looking for a Babysitter - 6 days a week (Atlanta)
Be local only. Really local.
A few points before we start:
-My child is six months old. Male.
-6 days a week, every week. Including EVERY Saturday.
-11 to 12 hours a day, all six days.
-I will only pay weekly, until I am sure you will last long enough. Then I will consider paying a lump sum once a month.
-I need someone permanent. Someone my child can learn to love and trust. You, essentially, will be the primary caretaker.
-English needs to be the primary language around my son. I can appreciate some Spanish, as his father and father's side of the family speak Spanish as well as English.
If you can not comply to ALL of those points, please do not apply. He is a very easy baby. Quiet. Hangs out by himself and plays. Enjoys floor time. Drinks milk as well as eats Gerber from a spoon. Will watch movies and loves to "talk" and laugh. I am in the car business. My job requires me to be there Monday-Saturday, from 10am-8pm. Saturdays are our busiest days, and I, at some times, are there from 9am-9pm. But usually the same hours on Saturday as Monday-Friday. I understand that this is a lot to take in and manage. It's been hard trying to find someone, believe me.
Remember: Be Local! I can not say that enough. I do not have time to go an hour out of my way, before or after work. I live on Peachtree Corners Circle in Norcross. Please email me with comments and rates. Don't try and knock me over the head with price. Someone told me 300 per week. I am in high dollar sales. I know what is too much. Thank you so much for your time and consideration. My son and I appreciate it.
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3) Babysitter/Nanny (New York)
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4) need a sitter for sat. night, valentine's & occasional (Seattle)
I need a babysitter for tomorrow night and occasional weekends. I can't afford much, just really need a break from her since I haven't had one in 18 months! If u would be interested in exchanging a weekend babysitter we could plan that out. Anyways, she is 18 months. Loves to sing, dance, animals and play. She is not a picky eater, goes to bed around 830 and usually stays asleep. I would prefer it to be in your home just because I rent a room with roommates but if you can't for some reason at your place, its fine. Anyone is welcome to apply. The email will go straight to my phone so I will probably get back to you right away. Email your rates, availability, what home would work best, experience and tell a lil about yourself! Hope to hear from you!
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5) Nanny/Housekeeper (Seattle)
Hi There! I have an opening for up to two children. I interview first and do not accept children with extreme behavioral issues. My three year old daughter comes with me and it wouldn't be fair to put her in a situation with a dangerous child, thank you for understanding. Accepting children 0-12 no restrictions other than extreme behavior (biting, kicking, swearing, punching are all a no go) Tantrums are ok, they're kids and tantrums are going to happen :)

Mother of a very well behaved toddler, I know what I'm doing
Basic first aid and CPR taken in the past three years, willing to recertify
I supply fun projects each day at no cost to you
I love to have the kids play out doors so if you have a yard or a park near by that would be great!
Light housekeeping is included (dishes, floors, cleaning up after pets etc)
Covering most of South King County
Low cost 250/wk+25/wk for each additional child (nanny share is ok)
Newer, insured, and reliable vehicle
Willing to submit to background check, etc
Available early morning through 4:30pm M-F and weekends
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6) PT babysitter (Seattle)
Hello! My name is Brianna. Im' a nice, responsible, caring, funloving wierdo :) Im turning 16 in July, and since i am too young to apply for a retail job, I'm looking for a part-time babysitting position. I have lots of experience with kids from toddlers to 12 year olds. I am looking for something after school on weekdays, or occasional weekends. I live in the Milton-Fife area and would have a ride back and forth from your home. I know, and am certified in the RedCross's CPR and Firstaid program, and have my certification cards.I also have cooking skills, and refferences. Please shoot me an email if you are interested for more info. :) strawberry2005719@**** thankyou for reading, ~Brianna~
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7) Supervisor/Child Care needed on Sundays mostly (New Jersey)
I am posting an usual position for a very special person. I am looking for someone that is firm yet very caring. This person would be supervising a visit between father and son every sunday for the entire day. (approx 8 hours) and maybe during the week for 2 hours.

The father who is not dangerous but has special needs needs to be supervised while being with his son who is in kindergarten(age 5) and has special needs himself.

Responsibilites are: Driving the two to outside activities or father's house, making sure the child needs are met regarding food, and basic needs, being able to direct the play and help with transitions during play and being able to assist the father and help be a role model for him.

Qualities in this person: Mature, and responsible, knowledge of disabilites, able to shadow 2 people, strong personality to be able to guide the father with parenting skills, warm and loving. Possible special ed, pysch/social work student or graduate. Dyfs experience is a plus (only because of the sensitivity of the situation- this is not a reported dyfs case)

Due to the usual job description, salary will determined based on your salary requirements and background.

Please have references available.

No agencies please. Serious candidates only.

Thanks for applying- looking forward to talking to you....
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8) Need Childcare for next weekend!! (Tulsa)
Hello! I'm a single mother who is also a business professional and I have a trip I am supposed to take next weekend, from Friday night thru Sunday night. I am looking for someone to come watch my children in my home, or I would be willing to take them to your house, whatever is easier. For my job I travel over 1,000 miles a week, so location is never really a problem for me. I have a 5 year old and a 3 year old (who is still potty training). They are delightful happy children who are my life and my entire world, so I would want someone I feel very comfortable with. In my home I would make sure you had plenty of food for the weekend.
Please someone help me!! Thanks, Barbara, RN 918-625-****
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9) We need a babysitter tonight!! (Tulsa)
we have a 2 yr. and a 5 mth. old. it will be from 8pm till about 12:30am. it will be in our house. and they sould be asleep most of the time. please e mail me fast with a price. you must have a ride here and home. thank you!!!!
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10) In need of a loving sitter (Norfolk)
HI there I am the new mommy of a 6 month old baby boy that came to me a week ago. I want someone that can come to my home but I know how hard that is going to be. SO if you are a loving person looking to care for a baby please contact me. THis has all happened so fast and did not give me the time to plan anything. I would like you to be close as possiable to Foxhill area. So if your are interested please email me with your rates and where you would be watching him and as much info on yourself as possiable. Email me at LennieandPaula@**** I really need to have this set up by Monday
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11) Live-in Nanny needed (D.C.)
Hi, I am looking for a live-in nanny/babysitter who can help with young babies and household chores. I am a vegetarian.
1) She should be Very patient,pleasant,playful caring and experienced with young babies 1.5-2 years old. Prefer someone with experience in pitty training
2) She should be smart and energetic to able to handle the babies well.
3) She should have a vaild driver's license, and be confident to drive my car (insured).
4) She should speak English
There could be some flexiblity in the week, but roughly tasks would be about 80-90 hours in a 2-week period. I am looking for a start-time sometime aound mid-March.
Please respond with your experience, contact phone and rates. I may need references later. I would like to start interviewing right away.
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12) childcare with a very very nice person (Norfolk)
hi names gina..i wanted to help out my baby sitter she haves 3 openings..any age..usualy 400 a month 100each week but idk you would half to ask her..she is a very nice afican american big lady..she makes sure all homework is done and gives son is 3months and loves her...she takes great care of him and the other kids there she is civilan non license women but is amazing if i were to guess around 33 and is really great with kids willing for kids anytime please give me a call and il have her call you 757642**** please leave a voice mail thank you..gina
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13) RE: childcare from a very very nice person (Norfolk)
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14) need a nanny to cover my shift today. I'm in the ER (Las Vegas)
Need someone to cover my nanny position, it is for a 4 yr old boy, over off of nellis & sandhill, I'm in the ER room for the night and won't beable to go, it's from 1:00pm to 4:00pm, you must have CPR training, reliable transportation and must be there on time, please call or text me at 801 209 ****. I think it's for like 30 to day but i don't know. Must play with him not sit him infront of the tv.
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.... How Much?!

15) Nanny/Babysitter wanted at my home (Orlando)
Looking for a nanny or babysitter to take care of my son at my home. I am looking for somebody part time, hours are from 12:00 to 5:00 pm Monday trough Friday. The candidate must :
1. Be CPR certified (NO EXCEPTIONS)
2. Be NON Smoker
3. Like dogs (We have two small dogs and they are inside all day) and Be Good with them.
4. Have experience as nanny or babysitter (if you are just looking for something to do because you are bored at home or you lost your job and need some income until you can get something else PLEASE DO NOT REPLY)
5. Be active, patient but firm, enjoy being with kids, willing to play and interact with my little one. (we don't one somebody who uses the TV a lot, leave him on a play pen or a high chair all day. He is ready to star walking, so I need somebody who is willing to take the time for him to exercise. He loves stroller rides and his ride-on toys)willing to provide fun and stimulating games and activities.
6. Have own transportation
7. Pass Background Check & Provide Working references
8. Some of the duties includes: doing baby's laundry, organizing his room and game room, sanitizing toys, feeding him, diaper changing, etc)
I apologize for being so specific about it, but this is what we are looking for, and it is better to be clear from the beginning. We are looking to pay $120 a week.
If you are interest and you meet ALL the requirements ,please respond by email at tormenta1a@**** stating why you are the best candidate .Thanks
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16) Childcare needed asap!! (Colorado)
Hey Everyone! I am in need of someone to come to our home (off timberline and harmony in fort collins) monday-friday from about 8:30-5 to watch our 17 month old son. Sometimes hours may be until 4 because my hours vary. Carson's dad and i are currently both full time college students and trying to work as much as we can so money is tight, we can only afford to pay someone $300 a month, and we would pay every other monday. When watching carson we need someone who will feed him snacks, breakfast/lunch and put him down for a nap. Other than that he has a ton of energy and would love to play at the park behind our house when it gets a little warmer, or just play inside instead of sitting in front of the tv all day. I posted an add not that long ago but the babysitter that we chose didnt work out. If you are interested please email me and tell me a little about yourself. We need care starting ASAP!!! Thanks, hope to hear from you soon.
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Fun family in Buckhead is looking for a honest, caring, responsible nanny/housekeeper to begin work mid-March. We need someone to help take care of my 1 year old daughter and to clean our house every week. You will arrive at our home every Thursday morning at 8am, stay Thursday night and all day Friday until 5pm. (offering $125/week or $500/month). The most important thing is that we find someone who LOVES children, is looking for a long term commitment and to find someone who will take care of our daughter and home like it is their own.
- has own transportation to and from house
- carries a valid drivers license and willingness to drive (gas money will be provided during work hours)
- is CPR trained or willing to be trained before beginning position
- has at least 5 years childcare and housekeeping experience
- will supply at least 3 references prior to initial review
- able and willing to walk child in stroller to park and able to play with child
- can cook daily for our daughter and occasionaly for family
- is ALWAYS on time and reliable
- able to travel for week/weeks at a time ($200/week, all expenses paid)
- flexible to babysit on weekday nights and weekends ($8.00/hour)
- does not have a problem multi-tasking (caring for child and cleaning house at the same time)
- is ok with dogs (we have a sweet english cocker spaniel who spends most of the time indoors)
If you are interested, please call (404) 849-****. No agencies, please.
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18) Afternoon childcare (Tulsa)
I am needing someone to sit with my children from 3-530 M-F. There is a possiblity that it could go full time but right now i am just needing afternoon care. It will only be about 10 hrs a week at the very most!!! I am really only looking to pay AROUND 50 for 10 hrs which is $10 a day for 2hrs. If you are interested please TEXT me at 1-262-332-**** You will need to have your own transportation. Thank you!
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19) Nanny/ETC... (Milwaukee)
We are looking for someone that can care for our daughter and a newborn on the way and keep the house clean. The job is for live out only, but for the right person we might may change our minds about live out. This is in the cedarburg/grafton area. Must have a car with cpr, etc...
If you would like to find out more info. please email. Looking for someone soon.
Compensation: 7.00 plus
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20) Nanny Needed (Roseville) (Minnesota?)
Hello,I am looking for a nanny on Thursday and Friday from 2:30 to 9:30 pm
I have 3 children ages 2, 7 and 12! The 12 year old does not need to watched but will be in the house while the nanny is here he is more of a help then anything! You will not need to drive the children anywhere he have 3 nice parks within walking distance and live in a gated complex with pool and hottub! You should have your own transportation though! I am looking for someone who can play games,arts,crafts and stay off the computer and phone why there are here!
This could turn into a saturday in the next months as well! I work on commission and am willing to pay 60.00 for the time you are here everyday and as I start making more we can give you a raise! I am looking with some who has nanny experience with references, background check,cpr and first aide or is willing to update all! I look forward to meeting with you to see if were a match! kcvitash@**** Kimberlee
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21) looking for nanny/sitter (Norfolk)
I am looking for a nanny/sitter full time, can bring your own children with you, to come to my house starting in May from 9:30 am till 5:00 / 5:30 pm.
Must be/have:
* non smoker
* pet friendly
* very little housekeeping - just cleaning up after the kids during the day and making lunches/snacks ONLY.
* over the age of 24, own transporation
* refernces available
* experience with infants
A llittle about us: My husband & I both work full time. We have 2 children, one 4 year old girl going into Kindergarten this coming Sept and one 8 month old baby boy. We have 2 dogs and a cat, a 3 bedroom 2 bath house in Kings Grant with fenced in backyard. We are looking for someone to come to our house so that when school starts, our oldest can get on the school bus in the afternoon and we can keep her in the Kings Grant school district. We can provide all food for you and your children as well for during the day.
we are not looking for a housekeeper, just someone who can provide good care for our children.
compensation: $200/week plus food for during the day
Please email me with any questions you have. Thank you, Shannon
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22) Living in Nanny (D.C.)
Looking for older Spanish nanny in her 50's to care for a 2 year old girl. Someone who speaks English, clean, attentive, respectful and takes their job seriously. The nanny takes every other weekend off. All utilities are included and the price is 100 per week. Call Monde at 410-940-**** or email at mimbula@****. Thanks
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23) Free room with bathroom for house hold help (D.C.)
Looking to rent the room out in my basement in my town home. In exchange for rent I am looking for someone to help me with cooking, light cleaning and be a backup for the kids when I am at work. I would also like to be able to go have a weekend day to go out and or go out at night occasionally. I will treat you like family as I don't have family here and would greatly appreciate some help. Let me know if your interested and we can talk. Thank you.
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24) Want childcare in my home (Seattle)
I need someone who can watch my 2 children in my home while im working and on date nights. I have a 3 year old son and a 4 1/2 year old daughter. My schedule is always changeing so ill need someone who is extremely flexable. I can only pay $3 an hour. your lil ones are welcome to come along. we have three cats so please dont reply if you or your children have allergies. thank you for your time
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Childcare needed for 2 children ages 2 and 5 starting soon. Day and hours would be Monday - Friday 7am to 530 or 6pm (depending on traffic). Need own trasportation. Ok if you have kids you need to bring with you as long as you have enough seats in your car to transport kids. 5 year old starts kindergarten in September. Need to be able to drop off at school and pick up. No cleaning or picking up involved. Just need my kids taken care of and need to know they are safe. Would need you to come to me in the morning and then make sure kids are home in time for me to be home. Throughout the day you are welcome to be out and about. Only able to pay $800.00 per month. If this sounds like something you would be interested in, please contact me through craigslist.
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26) Need a Nanny to come to our home (Seattle)
We need an experienced Nanny to come to our home to take care of our 2 year old boy and daughter (after 3:40p). There will be times when our daughter will not have school becuase it is closed so she will be home. She is 4 years old. When that happens we will pay you more.
This person will need to have a reliable car, valid drivers license, proof of auto insurance and very good driving record, we would like you to eventually bring and pick our daughter up from school. Days: M-F Hours: 7:00am to 6:30pm (give or take days may vary) Pay: 200.00 a week
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27) Babysitter or Nanny Wanted, M-F (D.C.)
Hello - we currently are in Bristow, Va and I need a babysitter/nanny from 8:15 am to 4 pm, from M-F. This only involves looking after 1 child who is currently 17 mos. old. No cooking/cleaning needed, just child care for my daughter. My other children will be at school.
This person will need to be a legal resident who speaks english and has experience and their own transportation. Perfect for someone who's retired and just looking for some extra income or company.... Serious inquiries only. Thank you. Compensation: $250 weekly (before taxes)
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28) RE: Babysitter or Nanny Wanted, M-F (D.C.)
Hello are you aware you aren't even paying minimum wage so you cannot take taxes out of the pay to begin with. Let say you are only going to have a nanny work 38.45 hours which will be rounded to 39 hours. 250/39 is 6.41. Minimum wage is now 7.25 a hour. I highly doubt you will find someone willing to work as a nanny for you for less than 300 a week.
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