Saturday, December 26, 2009
pre new years cl wtf with mary poppinz
.... WHAT?!

Feature: Worst Offer Ever!
1) Baby Childcare Needed (Miami)
Hello I Need childcare for my two babies one is a 3year old and the other is a 2mth old in January. The reason why, is because I am going t be working and most likely going to be going to school. The type of person who I would like is someone who is going to be attentive to my boys. There are my pride and joy! Also I would like someone who is going to be on time, with .I will be providing the food for them so dont worry. The times I need are Sunday (through) Saturday.. so that means Sunday,Mon,Tues,Wed,Thurs,Fri,and Sat. The Pay is goingto be 50$ a week. And later on if appropriate and duties are met I will make arrangements with you .. I can be reached at lilmexrican17@**** email or instant message for any questions thank you.
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Special thanks to doula4you for finding the insane Feature Ad... awesome job! Also, thank you to JLow2474, MissDee, RTHERRIEN, SarahHamilton523 and Jennifer54600... all of you found some really great Ads. Remember, CL-WTF will be Posted every Saturday. Please send next weeks Ads HERE or use MEEBO.



? said...

unbelievable. I thought au pairs were not supposed to do any housework? am I wrong in thinking that?

TiredBadHairDayMissDee said...

So #1 expects the person who is taking care of her children not to have a life. I won't even use the term "nanny" here because she what she is looking for she won't find, not with the amount of pay she is offering.

The lady who runs the daycare is a bitch. Children can arrive at daycare feeling ok, then after naptime, they wake up with a fever from the Tylenol wearing off. From the way she sounded, I wouldn't want her working in any capacity with children or people, because her people skills suck. I bet she is the "park bench" childcare provider.

FREE FREE FREE? The couple who is offering everything for free forgot to mention that you will be working for free, or did I miss that? My cat is in heat and woke me up with her high pitched meowing, so I am a bit tired today.

$30 per hour to care for twins in NYC? The WTF here is WTF is this in WTF? Why is this ad posted? Hell, I would apply for that one!

just another mommy said...

Miss Dee, I believe the last one is there because it is wtf the other way - a way high price rather than a way low price. Those are nice to see now and then...although when someone is offering that much money, you better believe they will own you and have you doing all sorts of stuff not in your contract!

Teacher in a Combat Zone said...

I'm a teacher, and while it is annoying when parents send their kids to school sick (for, like an entire week), there are people who cannot afford to stay home when their kids are sick. My mother ran a home daycare for years and she took kids whether or not they were sick simply because by the time kids start showing symptoms of an illness, they've already been spreading around for a few days. She also knew something that this daycare provider obviously did not: PARENTS RELY ON YOU TO TAKE CARE OF THEIR KIDS SO THAT THEY CAN GO TO WORK. In many professions, if you don't work you don't get paid. It's as simple as that. It doesn't mean that parents are any less caring of their children and no, they don't have their priorities mixed up. They're doing what they need to do to survive and make it through another day.

An yes, Miss Dee, just another mommy is correct, sometimes they put those "higher" pay scale ads in. Usually she puts a little notation on the bottom letting people know that it's a WTF the other way. But nevertheless, I'd apply for it!

Spay and Neuter your animals! said...

Miss Dee,
Please get your cat fixed.
If you aren't part of the solution, you and your cat are part of the problem.

CatMommyMissDee said...

I don't allow her outside. We have coyotes running around Madison and the surrounding areas. I am a college student, with a load of other bills-I am praying that I get financial aid next semester, since I am 2/10's of a point away from a 2.0 GPA, which is what I need to get financial aid. Since you want to criticize me in being a bad "cat mommy" in not having her fixed, would you like to pay for her spaying for me, since you want to get on my case. Shut up!

Sorry for the hostility people....

VAnanny said...

Dude, #4 is outrageous. I don't think the Dad meant any harm by his comment. It was probably a little out of line, but the nanny clearly has issues if she is posting on Craig's List about the whole issue. Who does that? And the lady who runs the daycare is ridiculous. Being a daycare provider means that you will, from time to time, be exposed to germs that could make you sick. It's called disinfectant and proper hand washing. If you are afraid of getting sick, you are in the wrong career field, lady.

Spay and Neuter your animals! said...

Companion Cat spay or neuter: Reside in Dane County + WI Forward or Quest card + photo ID = $0

Madison - Neard Downtown/UW Campus
Petinary (608) 255-1329

Shelter from the Storm
Spay Me Clinic
(608) 770-4879

trish said...

i would love to work for these families because i am gross

Ashley said...

I live in Madison as well and also have a cat. There is a low cost spay/neuter clinic you can take your cat to to get her fixed. I took my male cat there and they did a wonderful job. It only cost $10.00. It is for people who cannot afford to pay $100 to get their pets fixed. The only thing I would recommend is buying an Elizabethan collar to keep her from licking her wounds. I can look for the name and number if you're interested. You can also get your kitty micro-chipped for $20 incase she get's out!
Hope this helps!

Ashley said...

It's $30 to spay your kitty but I think it would be well worth it. Check out their link above.

anonymouse said...

What's fucked up about the au pair one is not the housework. Au pairs can do housework, as long as it's not a ridiculous amount and definitely if it relates to the children. I just finished up being an au pair and did the family's dishes every night. Did laundry pretty often too.

What's stupid about this ad is that they are asking for an au pair on craigslist in the first place. In the US you have to go through an agency for it to be legal...and in other countries where you don't need an agency, you should still use a better website than craigslist.
apparently these people are in the UK since the pay is in pounds, so they probably don't need an agency, but the going rate is much lower than what they are offering. That tells me that this is a bogus ad. Nobody legit offers that much money when they don't have to.

Lizzy Lindell said...

okay I came here to comment about the postings but I'm really fed up with people here. WHO THE HELL CARES IF SHE SPAYS HER CAT OR NOT?

my cats aren't fixed and its not hurting anyone. If they are just indoor cats then super duper, they're fine. With the economy being how it is, I can understand her not being able to afford to get her cat spayed right now. GEEZ PEOPLE.