Wicker Park Chicago Area

Received Saturday, December 26, 2009
santa oi Harsh Scary Nanny in Wicker Park Chicago Area. Nanny is a African American female, very dark complexion, 5 ft 7-ish, chin length hair/dark, approx. 200 lbs, always wears sweats and a Baby Phat pink parka like jacket...early-mid 30s.

Children are white, 6-7 year blond girl who usually wears braided pigtails, has brown Gap winter coat. Brown boots. Younger child about 3, male, in stroller that is the jogging type. Little guy has blue and green parka/pants set, elephant hat.

Nanny passes me as I walk to work each morning, they are headed down Division Ave towards grade school at Division and Wolcott to drop off older girl (I assume).

She is often loudly berating the kids, calling them dummy, stupid. Hurrying the girl, telling her she always makes them late. Hear snatches of her venom filled remarks like "Its ALL your FAULT" and "Give me that, you idiot." She practically spits the words. Jerks the stroller about roughly. I've never felt such an angry resentful vibe off another person.

She seems angry and menacing. She scares me and I'm not a poor little kid :(

I think they walk up Wolcott off Crystal Street..around 1300 North. I've been seeing them on and off for about a month now, have decided to come early and try to walk up Crystal and see if I can track down the house as they leave (if they are even from that street, may be coming off bus at Damen Ave), if I can find the mother, I intend to report the nannies verbal abuse.

The kids are darling but so sad looking, I smile as we pass and they never smile back. It chills me the baby is alone with her while girl is in school.


Hudson's mommy said...

I wonder if these children are going to near north Montessori? It's on division east of Ashland. I used to nanny for a boy from there and some of the nannies I'd see in the morning weren't the greatest. But there are a few elementary schools right there. Is it possible for you to follow them to their destination descreatly and ask a member of the office staff to leave a note from you for the children's parents? Or even point it out? I'm sure if school staff was notified they would mention it to the parents.

Hudson's mommy said...

Oh and since I live in the city and I am a member if for the north side of Chicago, I posted this sighting on their heavily trafficed (is that even a word?) message board in hopes of someone seeing it who knows this family! I hope the parents find out.

dadiswrongonthisone said...

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