CL-WTF on ISYN Saturday, June 6, 2009
.... What?!

1) Teen Babysitter in exchange for Senior photography package (Oregon)
Are you graduating from high school next year and also have experience in babysitting? I need someone to watch 4 kids (13yr, 11yr, 8yr, 3yr) in my home Wednesdays 4-8 pm every week all summer (12 weeks). In exchange you will get a $450 photography package. 12 weeks x $40. I also need someone to watch the kids most Saturdays this summer, hours vary, but on average I would guess from 4pm-9pm, also in exchange for the $450 photography package. OR one person could do both Wed. and Sat. in exchange for the $675 Photography package and cash for the difference at $10/hr.
The Junior Package
Session with up to 4 outfit changes, indoor and outdoor photos and 80 images on CD to keep.
Framed 11x14 Wall portrait (can exchange for 3 more units)
Any 3 Units
120 wallet photos with name and year
Yearbook photo
5 poses
$450 plus tax

The Senior
Session with up to 4 outfit changes, indoor and outdoor photos and 80 images on CD to keep.
Framed 16x20 Wall portrait (can exchange for 4 more units or Framed 11x14 and 1 unit)
Any 3 Units
136 wallet photos with name and year
4x6 Parade Album with 20 4x6 photos
Yearbook photo
6 poses
$675 plus tax
Email if interested and we can meet to discuss. I would like to have some references to call please. Michelle
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ISYNCelebMissDee said...

Yay! I'm a ISYN celebrity as the Featured Ad this week!!! *LOL*

J is sitting in a chair next to me so I don't have a lot of time....

20 needs to put her child in daycare. Seriously. The response from that particular reader in how much the mother wanted to pay, I see nothing wrong with it? 47.5 hours per week at $125 an hour, yet she (the mother) complains about she doesn't want her child in a daycare. Plenty of smaller centers do provide field trips, and I personally will be providing thse kinds of trips in the summer, along with SOME field trips in the winter.

As for 19, so now all of us who care for children, whether it is as a nanny, teacher or childcare provider/owner, we are now "kidwatchers"? Why do I feel like I am in a Stephen King plot with the term "kidwatcher?"

Great selection this week! Mary, so happy you got them up early this week! I got enough laughs from J this morning, and even more laughs from these parents....

NannyJ said...

I don't see anything wrong with the first one! The mom has it all worked out to come out as $10/hr and since she isn't looking for anything more than a teen babysitter, I'd say that isn't unreasonable. Senior pictures are expensive, and if you knew that you had to save money up for them this seems like an okay way to do it! I really don't see what is that wrong with it...

just another mommy said...

I thought that the funniest one was where the live-in nanny not only needed to be college educated, but that her mother needed to be college educated as well. Seriously?

Anyway, some good ones this week. And I always love seeing ones that feature a good healthy exchange between a couple of people about the price. Always entertaining!

Baltimore Nanny said...

So, because my mom didn't go to college, that would effect my ablity to care for and child, regardless that I have a college degree? Ummm....OK. Also, wants to meet the mom if the nanny is under 25? WTF?

The 10 yr old daughter can babysit...ummm, there are laws about this. Here in MD, they have to be 13. Sounds like mom is using her children to support her habit...same with the Disney World one!

The last one where they are looking to pay $125/week...ummm, yea...good luck!

shannon said...

I will agree that these are a little weird but I don't find #4 so bad. I went on a job interview a few years ago with a single dad with 2 boys similar in age where he worked on oil rigs a month at a time. There was family in the area so you were able to have time off. I ended up taking another instead, but was offered the job and would have taken it otherwise.

WTF? said...

What the hell is 1/2 a child?

SDmom said...

I was a high school babysitter in the late 80's, early 90's, and didn't work for less than $3 an hour...TWENTY YEARS AGO. I'd be very surprised if Ms. $125/week "easy cash" finds a high school student willing to work those hours for that pay. She seems to think that it will be soooo much fun for the babysitter to get to go to the park and the zoo with her child that it is worth barely making anything. If someone takes this job - they will not have a chance to do much else for the whole summer! And they will make at most $1000 for their trouble for a whole summer's work.

It's incredibly insulting.

High school kids need jobs, yeah. But most that I know would rather earn zero dollars and get to spend their time as they wish than make less than $3 an hour WORKING. GAH.

Village said...

To #7 Meet your clients at the door or on the porch. Don't let them in your house. Blame it on your insurance company. Tell them you just found out your policy doesn't cover parents in your house. They'll have to wait on the porch while you get their child and stuff.

I have a care giver you lives across the street. She makes the parents stay on the porch while she gets the kids. I can see the parent and child reunited on the porch. Now I think I know why. FYI The porch is covered and has a chair and table.

Village said...

WOW TO all those parents who are having trouble keeping a nanny, HELLO .. . .. How about paying a living wage?

And a stay at home mother of father can be a pain in the butt. Those parents should pay more, not less.

Unbelievable. It's like a third world country, some of these ads.

lala said...


The poster sounds international possibly Scottish where younger children are kept by "Child Minders" and older children "Kid Watchers".

world's best nanny said...

I'd take number one. Both Wednesday and Saturday. 10 hours to work and most expensive photo package, yep sign me up. I would need everything in writing tho.

um yeah said...

would totally work for the raging lesbians if they would just tell me which one is the half a kid.

Wicker Park Nanny said...

I'd take #1 or #2. Neither of these was weird to me. I grew up in a small town and people would do this sort of thing all the time. I used to watch people's children in my mom's house for pay. $5/hour is not a bad rate for a responsible 14 year old boy with mother's supervision.

Sounds like either of these situations could be mutually beneficial to families with financial worries.

seriously? said...

I was totally down with #2 until it got to the 10-yr-old babysitter. There's no way a 10-yr-old has the decision making skills to care for younger children without adult supervision. I know we debate all the time about ages for babysitters, but at least around 12 years is when those formal operational thinking skills kick in.

NannyJ said...

I babysat when I was 10/11 for like $5 or $6/hr down the street. I felt like I was making bannnk, especially because the parents would come back past midnight, and they had cable tv and I did not :). I felt like I was a fine babysitter at that age. I babysat 3 boys, the youngest being 2.

The thing that worries me about that ad is the whole "for everyone's safety" thing about not wanting her 14 yo old boy to watch little girls outside the house. I would NEVER have my children watched by a boy whose mother doesn't trust his to keep his hands away from a little girl. If a 14 yo can't keep his hands away from a little girl (a 14 yo should be mature enough to not!!!) who's to say that he should be trusted around my little boy either?! The statement and even discussing the possibility gave me the heeby jeebies.

Kim said...

Nanny J-

I think that mom is probably more worried about her son's safety. Too often accusations are made about male babysitters. My guess is she trusts her son, but doesn't even want to deal with the possibility of accusations.

clo said...

I doubt the mom thinks her son is going to be pawing at the child.

The fact is that accusations get thrown around and a 14 year old boy could have his entire life ruined if a little girls words were twisted, words put into her mouth, etc. to make him look like a predator. If I were a mom, I'd be keeping my babysitting son at home as well to be sure those sue-crazy people didn't ruin him.

SanFranny said...

The first one is a real deal! She is offering a decent hourly rate and incentive for the sitter to show up for the complete contracted time.
I bet the kid who takes this will not be able to pull the last minute ditch the job for my friends and get the picture package.

Lola said...

Number 18 Must be able to do homework from grades 1 thru 6.

Thats funny.

Number 5, why is it here?

I love cl-wtf! said...

#5: "SugaMama", that's funny! Who in their right mind would name their daycare that?

nannyM said...


I believe you are way off. I believe the mother was only trying to protect her child. I got no inkling from the post that she did not trust him, only that she did not trust others to not make accusations. And she is right. You have to be careful these days.

Manhattan nanny said...

My charges have classmates in their TT private school who have "tutors" to help with homework, because their parents hire nannies on the cheap, who aren't capable of supervising grades 1-6 level homework. Penny wise and pound foolish. Not funny, sad!

Tobii said...

Would not leave my kids at a childcare location(in-home or center)where I was kept from coming inside.

MommyL said...

When my son was in daycare, his provider had absolutely no problem making it clear that she was off the books at 6:00 sharp - that's when her home stopped being a daycare and started being exclusively her home. No offense was taken. Why is it a problem for people to just speak up for what they need?

mom said...

you are exactly right. My son made a mint babysitting...mostly for boys. He was great with kids. People who saw him at the park and pool would find out who he was from neighbors and ask me if he could sit for them. if I didn't know somebody inside and out and trust them implicitly, my answer was "No, but thank you." One pregnant woman approached me at the pool and asked if he might babysit for her two small sons and soon to be born baby. I asked what the baby was, boy or girl. It was a girl and I replied that I didn't feel comfortable with him being in a situation where he changed girl's diapers. Even with my best friend, I asked that she let her own son be responsible for helping his sister with any dressing/restroom chores if I were to let my son babysit for her. I trusted her and her kids...but sometimes things kids say don't end up sounding as they should and then BOOM, a kid's life is ruined with an unsubstiatiated rumor or accusation. No thank you.

nc said...


You make a good point. As a male, you really have to watch your back. I primarily work with kids 5-12, but also work with infants and toddlers on Sundays. With the younger kids, I will change diapers, but I am in a room with atleast one other adult, and if I have to take a kid to the bathroom, I will leave the door open. You really have to watch your backside this day in age.

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