The Neighborhood Babysitter!

I am a nanny to a 5 year old little girl ( my love), I am having issues with the neighbors and their children. The neighbors seem to not watch or care about their kids. Of course I watch every movement of my girl, they are all about 5. Every time I take my charge outside the 2 neighbors run over to play with her. So - then am I responsible for them? There is a road! And they run towards it! Of course my girl does not as I watch her every move and she is my joy! At the neighbor's house they have a pool, but who would be watching every kid in the pool - yes you guessed it me!! So I do not let her go there. It goes further ! When ever we let these kids come over they play rough with her toys and make her cry. Her parents want her to get to know the neighbors but they are not here very much, they are in big positions. I know I am doing my best for my little love, but any advice would help me - Thank you in advance !!!


Corina said...

Easy. Talk to the family you work for. Tell them you cannot concentrate on their child as the neighbors kids are over and there is no parental supervision. You can say you do not mind them coming over and playing as long as someone is watching them and if they play nicely.

Anonymous said...

I had this exact thing happen to me so now I include in my nanny agreement "no child care for outside families while working with scheduled child"

Anonymous said...

I have had this happen. The neighborhood kids would just walk in the back door like they owned the place and start eating the kids snacks. I eventually talked to my mb and told her that I will be charging more for “play dates”.