Call Me MR OR MISS OR MS. - take your pick! And do not forget PLEASE! Corey Morgan! Straight Outa Cosplay

I was in a line waiting for my charge, a 7 year old to get face painted like a girl HERO by a hero guy painter named Corey, excuse me I mean Mr. Corey. I had a ringside seat for an encounter with him and a parent and child ahead of me and my charge.

Parent: Honey, tell Corey you want Spiderman!
Child: Corey, I want Spiderman!
Corey: Just a minute, son, do we work together?
Child: No
Corey: Are you over 21 years old?
Child: No
Corey: Do I owe you money?
Child : No
Corey: Then I am Mr. Corey
Child: I want Spiderman Mr. Corey
Child: Please may I please have Spiderman Mr. Corey?

Corey Morgan gave an interesting lesson about how in the past many members of society did not get the respect they deserved - for example African Americans - people were able to call them "boy and girl" etc - an inexcusable part of the past. Corey Morgan's child entertainment co is located in the Maryland area.

PS: I am glad i was forearmed - Of COURSE my charge says please and thank you but she learned a good lesson and certainly called him Mr. Cory, but my charge is a very brilliant kid!


Leigh Raymer said...

Anonymous, I appreciate your comment and opinion, but can you please delete the D word? I hear that children read the blog sometimes, I am trying to delete the word but the system indicates i have to delete your comment which I do not want to do

Leigh Raymer said...

This is Anonymous valued view without the R-related words -- Uncalled for smart alecks on Mr Jerks part. I would have walked away with my charge as we do not need service from a jerk. The "do I work for you question" for the child is an attempt to humiliate the kid. All he had to say is "I am Mr. Corey. This was really over the top

Taleia said...

I agree with anonymous. People like him frame it as "teaching kids to respect their elders" but there are a million polite ways to request manners without being a jerk. (Also, I HATE HATE HATE being called "Miss" as its an archaic labeling term dependent on a woman's marital status, and if a child calls me "miss" I just calmly and happily say "Oh, I'm just [myname], I don't like being called miss!" And the kid usually giggles (cuz haven't we all been called something we hated???) and nobody's feelings are hurt or made to feel small.

Anonymous said...

I am ALL FOR teaching kids manners. My NKs know there will be consequences if they do not say please and thank you. When I am with their friends etc and I do not get a "Please" "thank you" I will say in a sing songy voice to their friends, " NOW - what do we say?" and then " OK, now what do we say?" and yeah, I have had other parents look at me annoyed because their kids have to be reminded to be polite. I'm a jerk, - Please tell a friend! Thank you!

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