Should I stay or should I go?

Started a nanny position 3 years ago (September)

Before baby:
$10.00-55 hours week

After baby:
$11.00/1 child. $13.00/2 children


Monday, Weds, and Friday 11 hour days @ $13.00/hr

Tuesday and Thursday. 5.5 hours @ $11.00 (older child in school)

So basically I am earning about $80-100 less than what I started with

Should I stay or should I go?


Anonymous said...

Total lost is per month

The parents informed me about child in school after the fact of the "raise"

Anonymous said...

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pius m said...

Thank you all

Anonymous said...

55 x $10 = $550

33 x $13 = $429
11 x $11 = $121
= $550

It's the same.