Mom needs advice

I am a new mom (I have a 7mo old) I am thinking about going to back to work and hiring a nanny.

Since I have never done this, does anyone have any good tips on:

1, Where to look for a nanny

2. What type of compensation should i offer? (Hourly, Weekly)  extra for the weekends?

3. Do I need to offer paid time off?

4. Health Insurance?

Any other suggestions that you think might be helpful.

 A New Mommy


Anonymous said...

Well the pay would depend on the hours, responsibilities and whatever else you need the nanny to do. What ever you decide, make sure you are paying by the hour and not a salary since it is illegal. Also, health insurance would be nice, but not a requirement.

Anonymous said...

Pay really depends on your area! Look into it locally to get an idea. Also the hourly rate may adjust depending on how many hours you need. We pay our nanny a slightly lower hourly rate but that's because we guarantee 45 hours a week minimum, and anything over 40 hours is time and a half, so the extra money in the overtime hours balances out. We also pay mileage for any driving she does, along with any other child-related expenses! And if we do date-nights then those are usually time and a half so we use sparingly!

Yes - paid time off should be offered. We offered our nanny our vacation week off, paid, and she got one other week off. Then some sick days, can't remember how many... All of this was laid out in our contract and agreed upon before starting.

We don't expect any other cleaning/household duties besides cleaning up after lunch and whatever activities she does with them, but I would make sure this is clear in the beginning.

Just outline everything in a contract so you're all on the same page!

We found our nanny through our old daycare but I know that many people find nannies on local Facebook pages,, and through word of mouth.

We don't provide insurance, she does on her own.

We also purchased a software program to do her pay stubs. It was only $100 and it's pretty easy to use. Some of the companies that offer payroll are SUPER expensive.

This program helps us figure out the taxes as well. When we write out her bi-weekly paycheck, we also write a tax check and keep in an escrow account so at tax time we have the money saved to pay it.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

If you need help I highly suggest contacting a nanny agency like Quintessentially People!

They provide placements throughout America, and have wonderful nannies on their books!