Food Fight

I'm not a nanny, I have worked with kids before but I am needing views about a nanny I am having trouble with. I have a weekend job giving out samples of these high end cheese products, crackers,cheese,olives and salami at a local grocery store. Part of the job is to be social and talk to the customers. There are two kids, a girl and boy, seven and six years - sometimes they come in with the mom and sometimes with the nanny. When it is the mom, no problem, all normal, they all get a sample or two, the mother sometimes buys the crackers. But every time the nanny brings the kids they keep eating and eating the samples,hanging out for thirty minutes to an hour. As part of my job I've made "friends" with the nanny who talks about her job,unhappy with her pay. She has actually told me thank you for the samples as she keeps the kids lunch money! The manager thought she was a personal friend of mine which of course I tried to explain. I work for an agency, not the grocery store and I am afraid I am going to be fired if I get a complaint. Should I tell the mother? I have told the agency owner who is hands off and just said "handle it."


Anonymous said...

Yet another gem.
Stop talking to the nanny and stop giving away so many samples to the children. End of story. I mean, were all adults here, right? The next time you see them, tell the children they may each have one sample. And don't spend a ton of time talking to the nanny. Or any, for that matter. This shouldn't be complicated. And seriously, should you tell the mother??? You give away samples at a grocery store. If you approached me about my nanny I'd complain about you to the manager. Just saying. Stay out of it and stay away from it.

redridinghood said...

Is this really the calibre of submissions we're getting here these days? Just stop stuffing these kids with food samples, stop talking to the nanny and mind your own business.

Leigh Raymer said...

I can sympathize with the Op as my work with children has included not just families but more than one corporate client. Saying the word "no" or being the disciplinarian with a corporate client can risk the job,unfair as that may be. I quit a job once for a well known cafeteria because the same 2 kids were making me miserable all the time.

Part of my solution would be to tell the nanny that management has a new rule - only 2 samples per person. It sounds like the management would back you up.

Tecee said...

I would most DEFINITELY say something to the mom. What the hell is wrong with people on here? If the nanny is keeping the lunch money, what does that tell you about her BASIC care of the kids!??? You know them both, not the mom as well, it's obvious. I would casually say something to her like "Your nanny sure likes giving the kids their lunch here at my stand. They come here (blank) times a week for it". And see what she says. If she asks questions, then you tell her. If she brushes it off..well, you AT LEAST tried. Out of embarrassment or whatever, she may leave you and then question her kids more closely to get the story. They are old enough to fill her in, thank God.