Money Questions...

Just curious, what is the least amount you have ever worked for? What were your duties? How long were you there?

What is the most about you have worked for, what were your duties and how long were you there?

Which just did you get the most satisfaction from?

Thanks for reading and answering!



Anonymous said...

When I was laid off from my nanny job I was so broke I took a job, $10 per hour with 3 kids for 2 days ,8 hours each day, cash only. They were a handful. I very quickly got a job with my usual rate of $17 per hour. Once I worked with a celebrity family and after the tip it was 50 per hour for a 3 day position with 2 children, 15 hours a day, would love that again.

Anonymous said...

I just got a job with a great family! It is 3 kids, live in with my own nanny suite, credit card that I get to use and buy lunch and dinner everyday if I want, nanny car and 24 paid off sick/personal days. Also whenever we travel, I get double my pay. It is 70,000 a year and the family is the sweetest!

Anonymous said...

I worked 25 hours for $210. It was very low but it was just one easy kid. No housework.
I also worked about 40 hours for $11 an hour, 3 kids. That was a tought job, they were handful, plus a lot of housekeeping I wasn't aware of...arranging coat closet that was a mess, sweeping, mopping, taking trash out, cleaning bathroom, washing parents clothes an ironing. I quit a few months after :)

Anonymous said...

Least I worked for was $15 an hour. It was NYC but I was young and it seemed easier than waiting tables.