This was posted on facebook back in January. THIS IS SCARY…/3-individuals-cited-for-child…/8597798

So I get to my kids' daycare last night (Busy Bees 3602 F ST, Omaha NE 68107) and when i got to the door I heard my son screaming so I rang the doorbell (They keep the door locked so you can't get in without them letting you in) and the teacher inside ignored me until she saw that I was starring through the window and my son is strapped by his waist in a little wooden chair. She came and opened the door and I asked her why my 4 year old is strapped into a chair and she said, "I don't know he was strapped in this chair when I got here." I asked her when she got there she told me 5pm, I look at the clock and it's 6:18pm. I asked her why he was being restrained and why for over an hour, she told me she didn't know... I asked her why shes been there for over an hour and has not let my child out of this chair and she just shrugged like she had no idea what was going on all she knows is Ms Kat put him in the chair. So at this point my blood is boiling and I'm trying not to lose it. To make matters worse the woman stood up and accidentally bumped into the chair he was strapped in and knocked him over and he smacked his head on a table. He couldn't even break his fall bc he was trapped in this chair and he hit his head so hard he immediately started screaming. This teacher gave me no valid reason as to why he was being restrained or why she didn't remove him from the chair. Once i got him into my car and was strapping him in i noticed his pants were wet, so not only did you sick mfs restrain my child he peed his pants and yall just left him strapped into this chair to sit in pissy jeans? I balled my eyes out the whole drive home, I would never do anything like that to my child or any child. I contacted the owner of the daycare, Nicole (Nikki) Halbfass via Facebook and told her what was going on and she told me she would "talk" to her employees. She told me she reviewed the camera footage so I asked her HOW LONG WAS MY CHILD RESTRAINED and her response was, "I only viewed the footage from 5pm when the teacher arrived until you came and left. So I asked her can you go back further and tell me how long he was in that chair and she didn't respond to my message. I do feel as though my son was strapped into that chair for waaaaay longer than an hour which any amount of time is too much. He's 4 years old why is he in this thing? The fact that this chair is a danger to his safety bc of how easily it tips over and they still strapped him into it for lord knows how long or how many times really bothers me :( What if he wouldn't have just hit his head and got a knot what if it was worse than that? Do NOT send your children to this facility bc the lady they call Ms Kat is an abusive woman, none of the kids there like her, I have heard her threaten kids with the "time out chair" not knowing what the hell that even was until I found my own child strapped into it for an insane amount of time. Nikki will not fire Kat and she will not suspend her either even though her negligence and abuse caused my child to be injured. But I have filed charges against the staff and also contacted CPS to make sure these people are never able to care for children again. When the Officers arrived today and met me at the center Ms Nikki and the other staff tried to lie to the police about the purpose of that chair and they messed their stories up so the police could tell something wasnt right. Now I'm sitting here in the daycare parking lot waiting for crime lab to get here. Yall got me and my son messed up and I promise this won't be over until yall pay for this. I feel so guilty that I trusted these people :( Like what if he spends every single day in that chair? Restraining any human being for hours is a former of torture and this is exactly what they did to my son.


Anonymous said...

I'm sympathetic to the fact that her child clearly had a terrible experience. But give me a break, for as many bad daycare stories that there are, there are just as many bad nanny ones.

I'm also struggling with this story (and I suspect it wasn't vetted first). First, you're posting something that was posted on FB 4 months ago? And it sounds like this was sent to you by someone other than the original author. Her 4 year old would be unable to tell her if he was strapped in the chair? She's waiting for a crime lab?

Look, I get you are hurting for content, but posting stuff like this is exactly what many posters have been complaining about.

leigh said...

anonymous, I appreciate your professional view. There is just no way to make everyone happy as to the content. If you go back into the archives of ISYN - the creator/owner put all kinds of things - news articles, stars dating the nanny, artistic blurbs and drawings, many other misc posts that just reflected her interest - yes, posts that would get complaints now, but for her - worked for years - until it didn't, she did not want to hear the complaints and attacks and sold the blog lol

so - please - you see a problem but instead of telling us what not to post - tell us what to post and more importantly how - where do we get the material you want? and please don't forget that the last owner sold the blog after being attacked after 5 days of no posts - and then when she posted she got criticised.

All we can do is our best, each Op is getting hundreds and eventially 1000's of hits so there is a silent majority out there that is reading the blog. So there is an element we can probably never make happy - but we are here and we will keep trying even though we are not perfect - TU!!!

rollin said...

Validity aside, I believe that this woman did have a very traumatizing experience with her child being restrained at a daycare. I truly feel sorry for this mom, because once something like this happens, it is very hard to trust anyone whether it be a daycare, babysitter, or friend. As I nanny I have to constantly deal with moms who have had trust issues and I feel bad for them. Even though I know I am fully capable and reliable, I have to prove myself over and over again that nannies can be dependable, responsible and trustworthy people. It's the bad apples that unfortunately stand out and ruin expectations. I hope this mother can find someone or some place trustworthy who will love on her child.

ss said...

well said Rollin!

Kat said...

I don't believe this either. Leigh, maybe put more sightings up; and CL-WTF was a HUGE hit. I miss that.

Anonymous said...

Do you guys not have enough time to post? I'd love to be able to help. Obviously people are checking in to view posts but I also know many who are getting annoyed by the lack of them. I'd love to help if it is simply a time issue.

Leigh Raymer said...

yes! we would love help!! please contact us at

Anonymous said...

this is LEIGH here, SS posted above, I have a computer issue right now but CL WTF is a very good suggestion, and we jumped right on that - it's not a matter of time, just a matter of Ops sending in submissions. We give most people the benefit of the doubt - if they take the time to write then there is something true there

In the rare cases we think something is wrong we will say so - like the above religion scam - we want people to see that and be aware of it

the best way to see the kind of posts you want to see is to take the time to write one or submit one - then other people follow along!