what to do?

I am a full time nanny for a 3 year old and 5 month old baby. Upon arrival of newborn- parents offered me a raise ($13 for both boys and $11 for when I just have the baby). Starting in June 3 year old will be in school 3 full days a week which will significantly lower my paycheck. They sprung the preschool bit on me after the fact (raise)


Anonymous said...

I am a nanny as well. I have been with one of my families part time for three years and I have gotten a raise every year with them, usually don't get a Christmas bonus or bday money but usually a gift. I live in Portland, OR and living here is expensive as well. I would asked for a flat rate that you need, or I would ask for a raise especially if they have money. I personally do a flat rate with my full time family because it's more money, especially if they change their schedule and I have the day off. I still get paid no matter what, that's our lively hood. Also if I do a flat rate and the family wants me to pick up an extra day it's a extra $200 for that day. Or if they travel and leave me with the kids, it's my regular pay and a additional $100 a day. I also have this all written out in a contract with my full time family. Just some advice. Best of luck!

ani said...

$11 an hour?? You are getting ripped off. How much does McDonald's pay, and you dont have the responsibility of a baby. They should be ashamed.