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I am not currently a nanny, (I have been a baby sitter in my teenage years and worked at a day care, I am now 26) I would like some advice on becoming a nanny.  Are there classes I should take? What is the best way to find a nanny job?  Any help or suggestions would be appreciated!!

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I went through I haven't taken any classes and don't need them.

I have been with one of my families part time for three years and I have gotten a raise every year with them, usually don't get a Christmas bonus or bday money but usually a gift. I live in Portland, OR and living here is not cheap. I would asked for a flat rate that you need. I personally do a flat rate with my full time family because it's more money, especially if they change their schedule and I have the day off. I still get paid no matter what, this is my lively hood. Also if I do a flat rate and the family wants me to pick up an extra day it's a extra $200 for that day. Or if they travel and leave me with the kids, it's my regular pay and a additional $100 a day. I also have this all written out in a contract with my full time family. Just some advice. If you have any more questions, just ask and i can respong. Best of luck! Natasha

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Just quickly searched and this one looks very helpful:

I would disagree that you don`t need any classes. You can get a nanny job without one for sure but as you ad more knowledge by completing courses you become better and more sought after.

My wage doubled since I completed some courses.

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Education is key in my opinion. It has helped me communicate effectively with families. Understanding the early childhood development ages/stages and how to cope with difficult transitions will be so valuable to you! Find a local college or online program.