Nanny needs advice...

I need advice on how to deal with a 2 year old who screams bloody murder EVERY time we separate him from mom. Mom is frustrated, I'm frustrated, and we thought it could be a phase or he would grow out of it but its been a long time.

How can we make the transition better? How can we help him be less clingy of mom when I'm not here? I feel terrible for her because, while I know she loves her children more than anything, this poor woman can get nothing done without him needing to be with her, and if he cant he screams. There is no middle ground!!!



Sarah R said...

Separation anxiety very typical for 2 year olds- they will eventually grow out of it. As of right now- 1. Nanny/Mom get him in an activity- 2. Mom steps away ( plan early- this part may take a while)- mom gets herself ready- tell child I have to go to work and so will be back. Kiss and cuddles and then leave. Nothing more- you give in- he reacts 3. Remind yourself that tears will probably be over by the time your out of site. Repeat same phrase/ actions consistently

Autumn said...

What's worked for me is Mom and I play together with child for a bit, then Mom steps out to go potty (or something) and just leaves. Never had a problem with this one!