Just a little bit of History that involves a Nanny!

THE WHITE PRINCESS - and The Present Queen - descended from a nanny! (Katherine Swynford )

Many fans are enjoying this romp thru history about Elizabeth of York, the mother of King Henry VIII. A fun fact many people do not know is that she and her husband the king - Henry VII were descended from a nanny! They called it being a governess, but the same duties applied.

This all happened in the 14th century, Katherine became the nanny to John of Ghaunts wife Blanche who was sick, He was a handsome prince and soldier, son of Edward III. Katherine was very beautiful with reddish hair, but her successful road to power was not easy. They waited till Blanche passed away to have their affair and she had 4 children 3 boys and a girl - all given the name BEAUFORT. But john was very proud and arrogant and wanted to make a powerful marriage which he did to a queen, and Katherine's reputation was ruined for a time but she was careful and patient.

But later when that wife died John relented and married Katherine, slowly she fought the sneers and insults about her birth and she and her children became very powerful and royal, eventually the ancestors of England 's and Scotland's and Spain's royal kings and queens - all descended from the nanny Katherine Swynford.


Anonymous said...

Another classic ISYN post. Thanks heavens that any parents who check this site (which, I'm sure, are few and far between anymore) will learn that a governess (which is NOT the same thing as a nanny- you had to have training and you were a teacher as well) was a queen once. AMAZING!!! Clap clap clap. Eye roll.

Leigh Raymer said...

Katherine Swynford was not a queen and John of Ghaunt was not a king, he was the son of the king, as one can read in the post

Anonymous said...

Lol you guys claim your blog is doing great....Recent posts and lack of comments provides evidence for the opposite. Let down once again

Leigh Raymer said...

anonymous - you are one of our most valuable and certainly intelligent members!

Anonymous said...

That's a pretty rude response... what did anonymous say that wasn't intelligent? I don't understand why no one is allowed an opinion here unless it's all rainbows and sunshine. This post isn't exactly thrilling.

Leigh Raymer said...

I completely agree with you that anonymous response was rude. It's also a little sad, too as anon. is posting on a site while insulting the caliber of posts.Also anon. was commenting on a post while having either not read it or misread it as the insult has not accurate facts. If you are going to insult someone try to get the facts straight

SS tells me to learn to ignore the trolls so , yeah, I need to do that, but before SS shuts this thread down I want to make the point that success is a matter for each person to decide

this article has gotten about 300 hits so far and all the previous original posts have more and get more each day

the big winner is FAVORED which is up to almost 2000, it's a pretty good showing that the most popular articles are nannies working thru problems, the more dramatic the better response - that's fine ;)

But we are still going to print other things also

I actually went back and looked thru the archives to see how much the blog changed and the owner creator put MUCH news, light hearted jokes,blurbs and more

In the archives are threads with 105 comments where the owner had to delete all but 3, many many comments deleted from numerous threads

so - with very few exceptions our commenters are very spot on and helpful

now if you have something abrasive and unhelpful to say, get it out of your system pretty quick because my web manager doesn't like it and will ptobably delete the thread, not the post

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It's great you're getting a lot of hits, but the fact remains that content is few and far between and that's what is turning people away.

Look, I know it's hard to feel like you're attacked. But just because people aren't happy with this site doesn't mean they are trolls.

Sure, the old owners dealt with this as well, but they also had A LOT of content. You guys don't. And it's hard for people to want to contribute to this site because of your behavior. I'm not the only one who has said this. But you've decided we are trolls and not worth listening to. Fine. I follow another nanny blog that has replaced this one. But it might serve you well to actually listen and swallow your gigantic ego.

Leigh Raymer said...

Thank you for your comment. Trolls/ Flamers are an unhappy group that just posts negative comments really to just vent something in their life. Look at the 1st one above, rolling eyes and misquoting the facts of the article - how can anyone make such a person happy? How can anyone successfully impart information to someone who is angry and has trouble reading?

And please do not forget that the former owner finally quit after 5 days of no content and being reamed by the trolls for it

And thank you for your congratulations on the many hits we are receiving on our many Ops!Check back anytime!

Also many people have emailed and posted that they lurk and enjoy the site but are wary of joining in because of the aggressive element - so- all things on the web always change - we will see how it plays out!

I feel badly for the unhappy minority but they really are a very small group compared to the majority that enjoy reading the blog even if they do not comment