Frustrated Nanny needs advice

I feel so frustrated and depressed. I've been working in the Upper West Side for almost a year being the nanny to a 8 year old kid. More like the mom really because they work really long hours and are never around. They make a LOT of money and the kid goes to a top private school (tuition of nearly $50.000 a year). Parents have very successful jobs but yet I only get paid $20 an hour off the books part time, since kid is at school 9hs. I was never offered the opportunity to be on the books but I have decided it's time for me to step up for myself and have a talk with them. I have no benefits whatsoever, no meals included, no overtime when kid is off school working more than 40hs. I am a very hard working person who have struggled a lot to come to this country and be where I am today. I have worked my but off for countless of other families and different jobs. At the moment I'm working towards my bachelors in science and boy it's hard to juggle it all together. I feel I do so much more than what their parents do for their kid in terms of bringing love and a sense of connection to his life. I only work part time and not only a nanny but running errands, grocery shopping and cooking. It's been almost a year and no raise conversation, no birthday present, very low Christmas bonus of $300. Considering I'm practically raising their kid and the one who spends the most hours with him during the week, for a Manhattan nanny working for an upper class family with just one kid that have a way above high standard of living and high income I'm getting ripped off. I do not even live In Manhattan and cannot make ends meet anymore with this wage. Truth is I need to pay my bills and being on the books and a raise is something I deserve to give myself dignity and power to other nannies doing what we do and be seen as a what it is: a very important job, a professional.

Please I need to urgently know what is a reasonable but decent rate to charge for families of this type and what benefits should I ask for.


Frustrated nanny


Anonymous said...

Um, $20 an hour is pretty generous for part-time work. Honestly, that's pretty amazing for full-time work. Just because a family is wealthy doesn't mean their nanny should be too.
I get wanting to be on the books (mostly), but you know that once you're paying taxes that you're not taking home as much, right? Frankly, you've been there a year already- more than likely they're not going to give up any benefits. Also, you're PART-TIME. Most part-time jobs don't offer benefits, and nannying isn't any different. If you're not happy, look for another job and ask for what you want up front. But frankly, I think you're complaining about nothing.

hannah said...

To the commentor above me, $20 an hour might not be much depending on where you live. Living expenses vary a lot, and if the nanny cannot make ends meet, then there is obviously a problem.

I would map out your finances, and figure out how many hours you need to work/how much you need to be paid each week in order to make ends meet. Then, sit down with both of the parents and explain your situation. Sometimes parents are more willing to give raises if you explain your situation.
As far as benefits, normally part/time employees are not given those. HOWEVER, it does not hurt to ask if they are open to paying over-time, etc...
they need to understand that you are a person, just not an employee who they can do whatever to. Obviously money is not a problem with them, so bring up being given a raise and your other concerns. If they don't want to change anything, then you can always find another job.

Anonymous said...

I am a nanny as well. I have been with one of my families part time for three years and I have gotten a raise every year with them, usually don't get a Christmas bonus or bday money but usually a gift. I live in Portland, OR and living here is expensive as well. I would asked for a flat rate that you need, or I would ask for a raise especially if they have money. I personally do a flat rate with my full time family because it's more money, especially if they change their schedule and I have the day off. I still get paid no matter what, that's our lively hood. Also if I do a flat rate and the family wants me to pick up an extra day it's a extra $200 for that day. Or if they travel and leave me with the kids, it's my regular pay and a additional $100 a day. I also have this all written out in a contract with my full time family. Just some advice. Best of luck!

Anonymous said...

I'm the commentor above you...
$20/hr for part-time work is VERY generous for any profession. I realize NYC is a more expensive city than others. I've spent my fair share of time there. But we're not talking about a full-time job here. I'm just saying that another job (full-time if she's trying to buy a place) might be better either way.
I do agree about the benefits though.

Kate said...

I work in NYC and I would not work for less than 20 and hour. We have a higher cost of living compared to other cities. Its funny how rich families are so whatever about buying stupid shit and then tight with their employees... I think a lot of it is people spending more than they have to look impressive in NYC... and then being super cheap with everything the public doesn't see and effect their status. Still, its shitty.

I totally understand how 20 seems like a lot but I totally feel her when 20 dollars in Ohio is not 20 dollars in NYC especially i you're not on the book and you're paying their share of the taxes too... I think on the books, 20 an hour after taxes should be NYC minimum.

Feel free to hit me up if you have to have a disgruntled NYC nannies coffee meetup.

Corina said...

Kate is right. Just to rent a small apartment in the city costs $2,200 and up. So wages come into play, $20.00 is not great for the city. I would go thru an agency most positions especially part time afterschool range in mid $20 an hour. You deserve more if you are doing extras for the family.