Chicago Bad Nanny Sighting

Bad nanny sighting in Chicago. August 4, Brentano school playground, around 11:00 am. This nanny had a toddler strapped in his stroller, totally ignoring him while she looked at her phone. He was strapped in there, clearly reaching out and wanting to be let loose to play. She ignored him aggressively. It was hard to watch. The poor kid was parked in the 90 plus degree heat for almost an hour while I played with my kids. I wanted to say something but she was very unnapproachable. She had a demeanor of not caring at all about this poor child. Very sad. Took pic from a distance but if you zoom you can see her somewhat.


Anonymous said...

I am the mommy who submitted this. Thanks for posting it!! I hope this kiddo's mom sees it!! Adorable little guy, deserves better!

Leigh Raymer said...

thanks to you for looking out for the kids - pls send us any update and any sighting of a child who needs help

honeabee said...

This just infuriates me!