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Monday is around the corner (yikes) and for me, things could stay the same or they could change in a matter of a week. If they stay the same, I have to deal with a person I no longer care to deal with, and should things change, I am nervous and filled with anxiety about the change. According to my boss, there is a possibility things could stay the same, and there is a possibility they could change.

The issue is with my co teacher. I do like her, but I'm starting to see her differently. She does a great job, however, she needs to think about certain things: like for example, when a new child in our class cries because it is time to lay on their mat for naptime, rocking them and giving them a nuk because they are crying is not going to help them. Furthermore, letting that child keep her nuk all day, especially after MB asked us not to give it to her is not going to help the transition into the classroom. Secondly, if a staff member is having an issue with another child, step in and help the staff member, or if the child is running around the classroom, trying to climb tables, etc. ask them to stop. I'll be honest here: the children DO NOT listen to her at times. There's times they don't listen to me either, but I know she means well while working with the children. I just don't believe that being in a classroom is right for her, and believe that a support staff position is a better fit.

Then there's the issue of maturity, and what happened last week. My boss was not happy, my directors weren't happy, and I wasn't happy. A family vacation was planned and they wanted Thursday and Friday off last week, as they were leaving last Wednesday. Two of the sisters were wait listed forThursday, and all three, including myself, were wait listed Friday. To be wait listed means that you have to show up for work and if you can have the day off based on call ins, numbers, etc. then you have the day off. If not, then there's nothing administration can do about it. It does stink to be wait listed and not given the day off, but life happens. Knowing they were wait listed, I asked my co teacher if she had to work on Friday. She told me she didn't now, and that she had to find out. I asked her when she was leaving. She told me they were leaving on Wednesday after work.

This whole thing was planned. They planned to call in on Thursday and Friday, and that they did. And is was crazy staffing, due to the fact that we had a few college students leave already, so we are short staffed until the 15th, when the new staff start.

Monday I asked my director if she had a lesson plan from my co teacher, and the answer was no. I reminded my co teacher she needed to plan and prep that lesson plan prior to leaving, because when she came back, it would be her week. Nothing was completed, so my director had to take time out of her day to create a lesson plan.

She comes back on Monday, from what I heard. but I also heard otherwise. If she does come back, how do I interact with her? I'm not happy with what she did, and I feel like she should be demoted to support staff for that, because it could happen again. Her younger sister posted something on her FB page about how she quit the company, management was rude, and other stuff that had two parents in my classroom concerned, along with other parents. She also mentioned that her sisters would be quitting too. A lot of teachers are not happy with my co teacher or her sisters.

If I get a new co teacher, I'm very skeptical, because the first co teacher I had in this classroom was lazy, inexperienced and very green. She also walked out after five weeks with me, and she was there for two weeks before working with me.

Monday Monday....How I dread that day.

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Leigh Raymer said...

This situation for you is not going to change. The people in charge are letting the mediocre people get away with not doing their job. You have very little authority and therefore cannot do much. You will have to be satisfied with knowing you are doing your best and the children will benefit from you. Otherwise - if there is no way to gain authority to make a change- you may need to find another place to work.